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ProTracker Plug-in for Microsoft Excel



To install the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Excel

To View and manage ProTracker records in Excel

To add new ProTracker records in Excel

To view reports in Excel




When using ProTracker Cloud, you may find that you want to update data that isn't normally available through the Mass Update interface in most modules. You may also want to pull raw data from your ProTracker Cloud instance to integrate with other reports and the Excel plug-in provides you with the necessary tools to perform these actions.

Note:  The ProTracker Plug-in for Excel is available with the Professional and Enterprise licenses.

Note:  If LDAP or SAML authentication is enabled in your instance of ProTracker Cloud, the ProTracker Plug-in for Excel cannot connect to ProTracker Cloud.


Uninstall any previous versions of Microsoft Plug-in for Excel for upgrading to and or installing the latest version.

To install the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Excel: ⇑ Top

    1. Navigate to your user profile via User Menu > Profile and click the Downloads tab.
    2. Choose the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Excel version that is compatible with your operating system.



Note:  Choose the file matching your version (2007 or 2010) as well as the bit rate (32-bit or 64-bit) of Microsoft Office. This may or may not be the same as your operating system version. For example, Outlook 32-bit may be running on your 64-bit computer. In this case, the 32-bit version of the plug-in installer should be used.

    1. From your Downloads file, open the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Excel zip file and double-click Setup. This displays the Welcome page.
    2. Click Next. This displays the Confirm Installation screen. 
    3. On the License Agreement screen click I Agree.
    4. On the Select Installation Folder screen you can choose the default file location in the Programs folder. Click browse to specify a different location.
    5. Click Next. The installation process begins. This displays the Installing Sugar Excel screen.
    6. A User Account Control screen pops up asking if you want to allow the following program to install software on this computer. Click Yes.
    7. The installer displays the Installation Complete screen.
    8. Click Close.

Viewing and Managing ProTracker modules in Excel

You can create, edit, and delete records for ProTracker modules in Excel. The updated data is automatically saved to the ProTracker Cloud database.

To View and manage ProTracker records in Excel: ⇑ Top

    1. Lauch Excel.  The Home tab displays the SugarCRM drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the screen.
    2. Go to SugarCRM > Settings.  The SugarCRM Excel Add-In Settings screen pops up.
    3. In the connection tab enter your UserName, Password, and URL of you ProTracker Cloud instance. Click Login. The login screen disappears after you have successfully logged into Protracker Cloud.
    4. Click Sugar Plug-in for Excel in the Excel toolbar.
    5. Click Sugar > Settings. This displays the  settings screen.
    6. Click Select Modules in the Modules tab of the settings screen, and then click Refresh List to view the available modules. Some modules such as Accounts and Contacts are pre-selected by default.
    7. Click in the selection box to select one or more modules. Click OK.
    8. From the Sugar menu, select Query Wizard. The selected modules are listed in the Modules dropdown list.
    9. From the modules dropdown list select the module you want to access.
    10. From the Field dropdown list select the field that you want to use to filter the records that appear in Excel. Note:  The names of the dropdown field values that are pulled into Excel through the plug-in are the display labels. However, you can use either labels or the database names for dropdown fields when creating new records and updating existing records through the plug-in.
    11. From the Operator dropdown list select an operator such as Equals,  Starts With, and so on.
    12. In the value field  enter the appropriate value such as a letter, a partial name, or the full name.
    13. To specifiy additional field click Add Condition. Select either the AND or OR operator, and select the field, operator, and value.
    14. Click Run. The search results show records that match the query.
    15. To edit data do one of the following:
      • Enter the new value in the appropriate field. Select the field or the row, and from the SugarCRM menu select Update.
      • Highlight the field or row, right-click, and select Update in Sugar.  The record is updated in ProTracker Cloud.
    16. To view the updated record in ProTracker Cloud, select a field from the record, right-click, and select View in Sugar. The record in ProTracker Cloud reflects the updated values.
    17. To delete a field value or a record, select the field or the row respectively, and from the SugarCRM menu, select Delete; right click and select Update in Sugar. The field value or record is deleted from the module.

To add new ProTracker records in Excel: ⇑ Top

    1. Select the module in the Query Wizard and click Add Fields. The spreadsheet displays the module name along with the existing fields such id, assigned user, etc.
    2. Enter values for one or more of these fields in Excel.
    3. Select the lines that contain data to be added to ProTracker Cloud.
    4. From the SugarCRM menu, select Insert. The new record is added to the ProTracker Cloud database. 

To view reports in Excel: ⇑ Top

    1. SugarCRM menu > Select Reports. A list of reports in ProTracker Cloud displays.
    2. Click and drag the report you wish to view to the Excel spreadsheet.
    3. To view the report as a chart:
      • Highlight the report in the spreadsheet, and from the Excel's Insert Menu select Chart Type. This displays the chart in the spreadsheet.
    4. To refresh the report data, Click Refresh Data.
    5. To view a list of reports in the Excel workbook, click Reports on Sheet.
For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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