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ProTracker Plug-in for Microsoft Word


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Perform a Mail Merge from ProTracker Cloud

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The Microsoft Word plug-in for ProTracker Cloud allows you to perform mail merges either from Word or from ProTracker Cloud. Please note that in order to use this plug-in, the 'Enable mail merge' option must be selected under Admin > System Settings as well as the 'Mail Merge' option under the Advanced tab of your profile.

Note:  The ProTracker Plug-in for Microsoft Word is available with the Professional and Enterprise licenses.

Note:  If LDAP or SAML authentication is enable in your instance of ProTracker Cloud, the ProTracker Plug-in for Word cannot connect to ProTracker Cloud.

Uninstall any previous versions of Microsoft Plug-in for Word before you upgrade to and or install the latest version.

To install the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Word: ⇑ Top


    1. Close all programs running on your computer. 
    2. Navigate to your user profile via User Menu > Profile and click Downloads


    1. Choose the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Word version that is compatible with your operating system.

Note:  Choose the file matching your version as well as the bit rate (32-bit or 64-bit) of Microsoft Office. This may or may not be the same as your operating system version. For example, Outlook 32-bit may be running on your 64-bit computer. In this case, the 32-bit version of the plug-in installer should be used.

    1. When the "Opening ProTracker Plugin for Word" pop-up opens, Click Ok.
    2. From your Downloads folder, click Extract all files
    3. In the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders pop-up, browse to the file destination of your choice or just click Extract.
    4. Go back to the Downloads folder and double-click setup.
    5. Click Run.
    6. Click Accept to accept the Terms of the License
    7. When the program finishes installing you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click Yes.
    8. The SugarWord Setup Wizard opens. Click Next.
    9. On the License Agreement pop-up check I Agree and click Next.
    10. Browse to the folder you want the program in or just click Next.
    11. On the Confirm Installation screen Click Next.
    12. Click Yes on the User Account Control screen.

To Access the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Word: ⇑ Top

    1. Log into ProTracker Cloud.
    2. Lauch Microsoft Word.
    3. In Word from the SugarCRM menu, select Settings. Type your User Name, Password, and URL to your ProTracker Cloud instance.
    4. Click OK.
    5. In Word, Click SugarCRM menu. When you are logged into ProTracker Cloud, the Login option in the SugarCRM menu turns inactive and the Logout option turns active. You can now create mail merge templates in the ProTracker Plug-in for Word.

To Create a Mail Merge Template: ⇑ Top

      • Create a mail merge template in Word and then upload it to ProTracker Cloud.
      • Templates are stored in the Documents module.

When you create a template you will specify the primary module from which you are creating the template. Depending on the primary module you select, you can also select fields from a related module. For example: if you are creating a template from the Accounts module, you can select fields from Contacts or Opportunities. The following list of primary and related modules are supported by the ProTracker Plug-in for Word:

Primary Module

Related Module




Campaign Targets







    1. From the SugarCRM dropdown menu in Word, select Define Template. The Select Master Module screen pops up. Existing record fields from the selected module display in the Add Fields sub screen.
    2. Select the primary module from which you will create your template. Click Next.
    3. Select the fields that you want to add to the template and click Add to Document. The fields are added to the template. Next displays if the fields are added or Add Fields displays if fields are not added.
    4. Click Next or Finish.
    5. If you click Next, you can select fields from a related module and click Add to Document.
    6. Click Finish.
    7. To move a field, highlight and drag it to the new location. You can also add text to the template.
    8. Go to the SugarCRM menu > Upload Document. This displays the Upload Document to SugarCRM screen.
    9. Enter a name and revision number for the document and click OK. The Is Mail Merge Template checkbox is selected by default to ensure that it displays as a template in the Documents module. If the merge was successful, a message displays stating that the template was uploaded successfully.
    10. Click OK. The template displays in the List View of the Documents module.

To Update a Template: ⇑ Top

View and update mail merge templates from ProTracker Cloud.

    1. Select the template from the List View in the Documents module.
    2. Select the document from the Document Revisions sub-panel in the Document's Detail View.
    3. Select the template from the Document Revision page and open it in Word.
    4. To update the document, make the necessary changes in Word, and upload the template to ProTracker Cloud.


To Perform a Mail Merge from ProTracker Cloud: ⇑ Top

    1. In ProTracker Cloud, navigate to the appropriate module's home screen.
    2. Select the record that you want to merge, and click Mail Merge. The Merge Records screen displays the selected  module. You can choose a different module from the Selected Module drop-down list.
    3. Select an available template from the Select Template drop-down menu.
    4. Click Next. The Refine List of Accounts to Merge screen displays the selected records.
    5. If you did not select any records, click Search to view existing records from the selected module in the Available list.
    6. Use the left and right arrow to add or remove records. From the drop-down list below, you can choose another related record such as a contact or opportunity.
    7. Click Next. Associated records display if you chose a related module. You can click Select to choose a different associated record. The Review and Complete screen displays if you did not choose a related module.
    8. Click Next. The Review and Complete screen displays the selected module, records, and template.
    9. Click Begin Merge. The data will begin to merge with the template. Click Back to change a setting. This displays a screen requesting you to specify whether to open the merged document in Word or save it to a disk.
    10. Make your selection and click OK

If you chose to open it in Word, the merged document displays in Word. You can save this document to your local computer or you can upload it into ProTracker Cloud as a ProTracker Cloud document. If you choose to save it to a disk, the document is saved to the Temp folder on your local computer. To begin a new mail merge operation, select Click Here to Continue.

To Perform a Mail Merge from Word: ⇑ Top 

    1. Open the template in Word.
    2. Select Begin Mail Merge from the Sugar menu.
    3. Use the right arrow to move records that you want from the Available records list to the Selected Recipients list. A list of records for the selected module displays in the Selection window.
    4. Use the right arrow to move the desired records to the Selected list.
    5. Click Next. Depending on the modules you have chosen, related records display in the Selection window.
    6. Select a related record if needed and Click Next. The Complete Mail Merge screen displays the selected records.
    7. Click Complete Merge. This displays the merged document.
    8. Select Upload from the SugarCRM menu to upload to ProTracker Cloud.
    9. Enter a name for the document, and a revision number; to create notes, select the Create Note option.
    10. Click OK.

If the upload is successful, a message displays confirming the success. The document displays as a ProTracker Cloud record in the Documents module.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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