ProTracker Plug-in for Microsoft Outook


ProTracker Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook


To install the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook

To Configure the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook

Toolbar Options

Synchronizing Your Contacts

Synchronizing Your Calendar

Synchronizing Your Tasks

Archiving Email


The Outlook plug-in allows you to perform a number of tasks. First and foremost, you can archive emails from Outlook to the desired record(s) in ProTracker Cloud such as contacts, accounts, clients, opportunities, etc. Additional functions include contact, meeting, and task synchronization; lead, contact, and account creation and more.

Uninstall any previous version of Microsoft Plug-in for Outlook on your computer before you upgrade to and install the latest version.

To install the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook: ⇑ Top

1.  Select User Menu > Profile > On your profile page click Downloads.


2.  Choose the ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook version that is compatible with your operating system.

Note:  Choose the file matching your version (2007 or 2010) as well as the bit rate (32-bit or 64-bit) of Microsoft Office. This may or may not be the same as your operating system version. For example, Outlook 32-bit may be running on your 64-bit computer. In this case, the 32-bit version of the plug-in installer should be used.

3.  Navigate to your local Downloads folder, click SugarOutlookSetupx86.

4.  On the Open File - Security Warning popup, Click Run.

5.  Accept the Terms of the License. Click Next.

6.  Choose the destination folder for the program or leave the default settings and click Next.

7.  On the SugarOutook Confirm Installation popup click Next. The Outlook plugin will begin installing.

8.  On the User Account Control popup, "Do you want to allow the following program to install software on this computer?" click Yes.

8.  On the SugarOutlook Installation Complete popup click Close

9.  You may be prompted to restart your computer, if so, click Yes.

To Configure the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook: ⇑ Top

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook. Outlook displays the Sugar toolbar directly beneath or beside the standard toolbar.
  2. Navigate to Add-Ins > Sugar Options. The Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook settings configuration screen pops up.
  3. In the Connection section, enter your ProTracker Cloud username and password.
  4. In the URL field, specify the URL of your ProTracker Cloud server instance for example, http://localhost/protrackercloud. Some servers may need https instead of http, for example https://localhost/protrackercloud.
  5. Click Test Connections to verify your settings. If the settings are correct, the Test Results dialog box displays a message confirming that the test was successful.

  6. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook.
  7. If your administrator has sent you an encryption key for LDAP authentication, go to the Advanced tab > LDAP Settings > Check Use LDAP box, enter the encryption key in the Authentication Key field. Outlook uses this key to encrypt your password(s).

 Note:  When you log into ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook again, the plug-in displays your encrypted password. You must reenter your password if you want to test the connection again.

Toolbar Options ⇑ Top

Your Outlook Inbox email window displays the following Sugar options in the toolbar:


Archive to Sugar:  Archive one or more Outlook email items to one or more ProTracker Cloud records.

New Sugar Record:  Create new ProTracker Cloud accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.

Sync to Sugar:  Synchronize Outlook appointments, contacts, and tasks with corresponding ProTracker meetings, calls, contacts, and tasks.


Scroll to the bottom of the left side navigation menu in Outlook. The Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks screens display the following Sugar toolbar:

Sync to Sugar:  Perform a synchronization of the current Outlook item type, e.g., meeting, call, or task, with the corresponding ProTracker module.

Mark to Sync:  Designate items that will be included in the next synchronization.

Unmark to Sync:  Discontinue the synchronization of selected items. The items remain in both ProTracker Cloud and Outlook.


The Sugar toolbar for ProTracker email archive and ProTracker contact lookup is located on the compose new email screen in Outlook.


Send and Archive:  Send emails and archive in one step.

Lookup Sugar Addresses:  Select email addresses for ProTracker Cloud contacts for inclusion in the To, CC and BCC address fields.


The Sugar toolbar for saving and syncing a new Outlook Contact displays in the Add-Ins tab when creating a new contact in Outlook.


Save and Mark for Sugar Sync:  Save the contact and include the record in the  next contact synchronization operation.

Set Company to Sugar Account:  Pre-populate an Outlook Contact's Company field with a ProTracker Coud Account or Client name. If the Outlook Contact is synchronized, this option creates a direct link between the resulting Sugar (Outlook) contact and the corresponding ProTracker Cloud Account or Client.


The Sugar toolbar for saving and syncing a new Outlook appointment or task displays in the Add-Ins tab when creating a new appointment or task in Outlook.


Save and Mark for Sugar Sync:  Save the appointment or task and include the record in the next synchronization.


Synchronizing Your Contacts ⇑ Top

You can synchronize Contacts between the ProTracker Cloud Plug-in and ProTracker Cloud. Changes made to Contacts in one place are reflected in the other place after synchronization.

  1. Outlook > Contacts and select the Contacts you wish to synchronize.
  2. Click Mark to Sync.
  3. Click Sync to Sugar. A screen pops up to display the synchronization progress. You can use the plug-in during synchronization. ProTracker Contacts who are visible to the user are eligible for synchronization but only Contacts for whom the Sync to Outlook option has been enabled in ProTracker are synchronized. Similarly, only ProTracker Cloud Plug-in Contacts that you have marked for synchronization through the Mark for Sync command will be synchronized with ProTracker Cloud. When you mark a plug-in Contact for synchronization, the plug-in will add SugarCRM to the category of the item.

Note:  The SugarCRM category value is only a visual aid; ProTracker Cloud Plug-in for Outlook maintains an internal database of items marked for sync.

You can view an item's categories by right-cicking on the item and choosing Categories. Exposing the Categories field in the plug-in Contact views is a convenient way to identify Contacts who are included in synchronization. When you install the ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook, no contacts will be designated for synchronization. You cannot synchronize the plug-in Contacts set with the Private flag.

Handling Conflicts ⇑ Top

A conflict occurs when a contact is modified in both ProTracker Cloud and Outlook some time after the last synchronization. To set which version of the contact prevails:


  • Outlook > Add-Ins > Sugar Options and select the Contacts tab.
  • Under Conflict Handling click the drop-down menu. Sugar Version Prevails is selected by default. You may choose Outlook version prevails or Allow user to specify.
  • Click OK.

Deleting Contacts

The ProTracker Cloud version of a contact record supersedes in importance, an equivalent contact in Outlook. This is because the contact has a greater role in your company than with any given individual using Outlook. If you delete a contact record in Outlook after it has been synchronized with ProTracker Cloud, the contact will remain in ProTracker Cloud and the corresponding sync to Outlook checkbox will be cleared. 

When a contact is deleted in ProTracker Cloud, the contact is also deleted in Outlook.

Setting a synchronized contact to Unmark for Sync in Outlook or clearing the Sync to Outlook checkbox in ProTracker Cloud will suspend further synchronization; both Outlook and ProTracker Cloud will retain their respective contact records and the flags will be set equivalently via the sync operation. Changes to the contact in either place will not be reflected by the other. If you later re-enable the Mark for Sync or Sync to Outlook flags, then synchronization will resume.

Resolving Duplicate Contacts ⇑ Top

The plug-in performs a lookup during synchronization and merges the resulting duplicate contacts, or creates new contacts if no duplicates are found.

When you set a new contact's Mark for Sync flag in Outlook, the plug-in detects that this is a new contact from a synchronization perspective and will attempt to bind the Outlook contact with a ProTracker Cloud contact that matches. If no match is found in ProTracker Cloud then a new contact is created in ProTracker Cloud; otherwise, the Sync to Outlook flag is set in ProTracker for the contact matching the search.

The same process applies when a ProTracker Cloud contact is changed to Sync to Outlook and the contact already exists in Outlook.

Contacts and ProTracker Cloud Clients or Accounts

When a contact is synchronized with ProTracker Cloud, the plug-in will perform a lookup of ProTracker records using the value stored in the Outlook's Company Name field. If there is an exact match, the ProTracker contact will directly reference the record that was found.

The plug-in provides a convenient way to ensure that synchronized contacts maintain their relationship with ProTracker records. When in the Outlook Contact form, click Set Company to Sugar Account. This performs a lookup of ProTracker account names.


Synchronizing Your Calendar ⇑ Top

Calls and Meetings in ProTracker Cloud that are visible to the ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook user can be synchronized. From these, only Calls and Meetings that the user has organized or has been invited to are synchronized to the plug-in as appointments.

Only plug-in Calendar items for the which the Mark to Sync option has been selected will be synchronized. Records for which the Private flag has been set will not be synchronized. 

  1. Go to the Outlook Calendar window.
  2. Select Sync to Sugar > Appointments. During the synchronization process a screen pops up to display the synchronization progress.


Synchronizing Your Tasks ⇑ Top

Tasks in ProTracker Cloud that are visible to the ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook user can be synchronized. From these, only task that are assigned to the user are synchronize to the plug-in. Only the plug-in task items for which the Mark to Sync option has been selected will be synchronized.

  1. Go to the Outlook Tasks Window.  Select one or more Tasks.
  2. Click Mark to Sync.
  3. Click Sync to Sugar. During the synchronization process, a screen pops up to display the synchronization progress. When the synchronization is complete, view the tasks using one these methods:
    • Tasks List View in ProTracker Cloud.
    • Right-click the task in the plug-in and select View in Sugar.

Archiving Emails ⇑ Top

To associate an email with ProTracker records, you must first identify the appropriate records.

Composing and archiving Emails

  1. Compose a new email. Click Send and Archive. You can enable the Send and Archive always displays Archive to Sugar screen options via Tools > Sugar Options.

When this flag is set, the plug-in will unconditionally display the Archive Email to Sugar screen after the email is sent, allowing you to find the appropriate ProTracker records to which the new email is archived.

To allow for quick archival of emails to a single recipient:

  1. Clear the Send and Archive always displays Archive to Sugar screen via Tools > Options. Then if the new email is sent to a single recipient, the plug-in will attempt to find the ProTracker contact or lead (in that order) that matches the email address. If a single ProTracker contact or lead is found, then the email is archived immediately with no further interaction.
  2. If a single match cannot be found or if the email is addressed to multiple recipients, the plug-in will display the Archive Email to Sugar screen.

Archiving existing Emails ⇑ Top

You can use the plug-in to archive existing emails. 

Immediately archive an email to a ProTracker Cloud contact or lead identified by the To email address.

  • Right-click the email >  click Archive to Sugar.

Archive multiple ProTracker modules at one time or edit the email before it is archived in ProTracker Cloud using the Archive to Sugar option.

  • Place the cursor on the email you want to archive. Click Archive to Sugar in the toolbar. This initiates the archive process.

Archiving Outlook Email with existing Contacts and Leads

After composing and sending an email in Outlook you can click Archive to immediately associate the email with the highlighted item. This action immediately creates a History record in ProTracker Cloud that stores the email correspondence the selected item. You can choose multiple ProTracker items or records and the email will be archived to each in turn.

By selecting the Edit tab prior to clicking Archive, you have the opportunity to alter the contents of the email prior to storing the email correspondence as a History item in ProTracker Cloud. This allows you to augment the current email with comments. Any changes that you make here will not alter the Outlook email.

You can also select one or multiple Outlook emails and drag-drop them onto a ProTracker item listed in the Archive Email to Sugar screen.

Use the Archive Email to Sugar screen to make repeated archive duties all at once, for example, catching up with emails at the end of the day. 

Archiving Outlook Email with existing ProTracker Cloud Records ⇑ Top

To associate an email with ProTracker records, you must first identify the appropriate records.

For example, to associate the current email with an account name 'ProTracker', you will need to clear the Search field and enter the leading characters of the account name.  Ensure that the Accounts checkbox is set.

Records matching the search criteria, including account records, are displayed in the list. Select the appropriate record and click Archive. The email is immediately archived to the account you choose.

You may search for records from multiple ProTracker modules and archive emails to any combination of ProTracker items.

Archiving Outlook Email with new ProTracker Cloud Records

The plug-in provides a convenient method to create new ProTracker records. This is helpful when you wish to begin collecting important correspondence for records which may not currently exist in ProTracker Cloud.

To create an account in which to associate the current email:

  1. Click Create. The Accounts fields screen pops up.
  2. Click Create and Close to save the Account. This creates a ProTracker Cloud Account.
  3. Associate the current email with the new Account.


Identifying Archived Email ⇑ Top

Identify archived email in one of these three ways:

  • The Email's Category field is set to SugarCRM. You can view an Email's Category by right-clicking the item and choosing Options.
  • The Email displays the date and time of the archival in the message status area.
  • The flag status of the item is updated if no flags are placed on the item.





For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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