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Task templates may be customized to your firm's processes. You may also create new task templates. 

Task dependencies may be programmed so that a "parent task" must be completed before "child tasks" appear on an employee's task list.


Follow the instructions below to perform tasks such as creating or viewing task templates.



Create a task template from Workflows:
  1. Select Workflows > Task Templates >Create Task Templates. The create task template screen displays.

  2. Complete the fields in the form. See Field Descriptions for information on the field definitions. Fields marked by an asterisk (*) are required and must be completed to save the task template.

  3. Click Save or Cancel.

View a task template: 

  1. Select Workflows > Task Templates > View Task Templates
  2. Search for or click the task template you wish to view. Or look at them from the Workflow.
    • The task template displays.
    • The Tree View subpanel opens up.
    • The relevant dependent task templates appear in the Tree View as links.
Expand a Task Tree

Click the add (+) sign next to the last dependent task. The task tree expands to show additiional task(s).


Collapse a Task Tree

Click the minus (-) sign next to an individual dependent task.


Create Task Template screen:


Name the task template.

Assign Task To:

Click the dropdown menu to choose Current User, Project Manager, Specific User, User 1, User 2, or User 3, or Firm Contact.

Relate To:

Click the dropdown menu to choose Primary Contact, Co-Client, or Workflow default. Usually Workflow default is selected. Use Primary Contact or Co-Client if you want to assign the task to your client or co-client.

Activity Type:

Click the Selector to open up the Activity Types search screen. Search for or click the activity type that describes the task you are creating.


Click the dropdown menu to choose High, Medium, or Low priority.


Click the Selector to choose the team(s) associated with this task.

Waiting for:

Click the Selector to choose a dependent task that must be completed before this task.


Check this box to hide the task.

Days Out:

Type the number of days required to complete this task.

Notify Child Completion:

Check this box for a notification of the completed dependent task.


Click the Selector to choose the Workflow that this task belongs to. 

On Task List:

Check this box to allow the task to appear on the Client's (or Contact's) Task List Reports.

Client Task:



Create a description of the task.





For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support: support@protracker.com


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