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You can search information across ProTracker Cloud or restrict it to a specific module.  A search can be performed within a specific module to filter for data in that module, or a search can be performed in the global search box located on every page.  The global search is a quick way to find a specific record where the module search makes finding a set of records for a specific module easy.  ProTracker Cloud offers the following search types:

  • Global Search
  • Global Search with Full Text Search (FTS)
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search 

Search Descriptions 

Global Search:

Global Search searches information across ProTracker Cloud. You can perform a Global Search on all the modules enabled for Global Search. Global Search looks for one field at a time. 

For Contacts, you can enter the first name, last name, or the full name in the Global Search field.  You can also enter a letter to find all records whose names contain that letter.  For example, if you enter a, ProTracker will search for all records that start with the letter a. Enter a letter or a keyword in the Search field and click Enter or Search icon to perform a Global Search. 

ProTracker Cloud appends the % wildcard character when searching text fields.  For example, searching Ford Industries will return record names such as Ford Inc.and Ford Industries.  This works for the first word in a search string only. For example, searching for industries will not return results such as Ford Industries but will display matching records such as Industries Inc.  Click the X located at the far right of the Global Search field to start a new search.

Enter the % wildcard character to substitute the first letters of a word in a search string.  For example searching %ord will match records such as Rayford Lemaster and Gordon Willis.

The search result lists records for the module from which you perform the search at the top of the list, followed by records from other modules.  For example, if you perform a global search from the Opportunities module, matching Opportunities are listed first.  Click the Show All link that displays at the bottom of the search result to view the full search results from each module in separate panels.

Global Search with Full Text Search (Professional and Enterprise Editions):

Full text search is available within Global Search. Full text search extends beyond the first word of a record name.

Type at least the first three letters of your search string and click the magnifying glass icon or Enter on your keyboard to view possible results in the drop-down panel.  For example, typing Chari matches record name such as Charity Corp, Charitable Resources, and Charity Brown.  Click the record name in the results drop-down panel to view the record details. 

For example, typing resources in the Search field displays matching records such as Charitable Resources, Resources Global, as well as John and Smith Resources.

Global Search with full text search appends the % wildcard character only while you type the search string. 

Basic Search:

Basic search performs a search on records from the Search form in the List View of most modules.

Basic search offers a few, commonly used fields for a simplified search experience. The buttons and checkboxes available in the Basic Search panel have the following functions:

Search:  Click the Search button or press your Return/Enter key to perform the search.

Clear:  Click the Clear button to clear all criteria from the searchable fields.

My Items:  Select this box to return only records assigned to you.

My Favorites:  Select this box to return only records you have marked as favorites.

 When you run a basic search, ProTracker Cloud will return records matching all (as opposed to any) of the fields and checkboxes for which you have given a value.  For example, if you select “My Items” and enter a record name, ProTracker Cloud will only return records with a matching name that are assigned to you. Once the search is complete, the relevant results will populate in the list view below the search panel.  To see all records to which you have access, simply click “Clear” and then “Search” to perform a blank search with no filters. Please note that you will only be able to see records as allowed by your team membership, user access type, and assigned roles. 

Advanced Search:

Advanced search offers a more in-depth search experience than Basic Search including additional fields, layout options, and saved search capability. 

Advanced Search filters options in your search results.  The search fields are context – sensitive and will vary depending on the module you are searching. From the Advanced search panel, you can click “Basic Search” for simplified searching. The buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns available in Advanced Search have the following functions:

Search:  Click the Search button or press your Return/Enter key to perform the search.

Clear:  Click the Clear button to clear all criteria from the searchable fields

My Favorites:  Select this box to return only records you have marked as favorites.



To: Then:

Add or remove columns from Advanced Search:

  1. Navigate to the module you would like to modify.

  2. Click the Advanced Search link.

  3. Click the Layout Options link.

  4. This displays two columns – one for Display Columns and the other for Hidden Columns.

  5. Click the column(s) you wish to have displayed in the Hide Columns field.

  6. Click the left arrow.  This sends the column(s) to the Display Columns field.

Change the order of fields displayed in Advanced Search:

  1. In the Order By column dropdown, select a field to order your results by.  Only columns in the Display panel will be available to order by and some columns, e.g., Email Address, are not available for sorting. 

  2. Select the direction you wish to order the fields by: Ascending, e.g., 1-10, A-Z, or Descending, e.g., 10-1, Z-A.

Note that clicking on a column header in the list view will temporarily override the sort selected here.  In order to order by the selection made here again, simply click the Search button. 

Save a personalized search from the Advanced module search:

  1. Enter the search criteria you desire.

  2. Enter a name for the search in the Save Search As text box and click Save.

  3. The search option is saved and executed. You now have the ability to modify any search criteria or layout options. 

  4. After any necessary modifications are made, click the Update button next to “Modify current search”.

Note that any layout option changes made will also be saved with the saved search.

Change the name of a saved search:

  1. Execute the saved search.              

  2. Enter a new name in the Save Search As text box and click Save.  This will create a new saved search with the same criteria as the original with the new name. 

  3. Delete the old saved search.

Execute a saved search:

Select the search from the Saved Searches dropdown.

The saved search will immediately run.


Delete a saved search:

  1. Select the saved search.

  2. After the search executes click Delete.

Note that the name of the search you will be deleting shows below the Delete button.



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