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The Calendar Module allows you to schedule and manage activities such as calls, meetings, and tasks.  The calendar will show your calls, meetings, and tasks provided you are an invitee on the call or meeting, or the task is assigned to you.  You can also view other employees' scheduled activities via the shared calendar.  

There are various methods for creating the different activities:

  • Via the calendar.
  • The individual activity's module such as Meetings, Calls, or Tasks.
  • Via the Activities Module.
  • Via Quick Create.  

The full edit view layout opens when creating the activity from the actions menu or directly from the individual module.  

The Quick Create form is a shortened version of the edit view and contains fewer fields.  When using Quick Create to create an activity while viewing an existing record of another module, ProTracker Cloud will automatically create a relationship between both records.  For example, if you are viewing a contact record and create a new meeting via the Quick Create form, the contact will automatically be set as an invitee.

Scheduled Activities will show on the Calendar in red, blue, or green depending on the type of activity.

  • Blue:  Meeting


  • Red:  Call


  • Green:  Task



To: Then:

View the Calendar:

Click Calendar in the Navigation bar. Use the buttons at the top-left of the Calendar home page, Day, Week, Month, or Year, to see different time periods.  Click Shared to view others' calendars.


Change the first day of the week displayed in the Calendar:

  1. Select your User Menu > Profile > Advanced. 

  2. Scroll to the Calendar Options section.

  3. Choose a day of the week from the dropdown menu and click Save.

View Activity:

  1. Click on the record.

  2. Click Full Form to view the Detail View page.

  3. Use the Previous and Next arrows to navigate to the previous and next day/week/month/year.

Create a record (Meeting, Call or Task):

Do one of the following:

  • Click on any time slot in Calendar and input information in the Quick Create forms.

  • Click the Schedule Meeting or Schedule Call option from the Quick Create form.


  • Select the Schedule Meeting or Log Call menu option from the Quick Create drop-down list on any ProTracker page.


  • Navigate to the Meetings module, click Schedule Meeting or from the Calls module click Log Call.

Edit a record:

  1. Click on any Meeting or Call record in Calendar to view and update the information in Quick Edit forms.

  2. Drag the record in Calendar to extend or shorten the duration.  

Note that all occurrences of Recurring Meetings and Calls cannot be modified by dragging one record of the series.

Change End time of a Calendar event:

  1. Select the time in the End Date fields.  
  2. Note that the Duration is automatically updated based on the data entered in End Date fields.  
  3. Similarly, if you enter information in the Duration field, End Date field is automatically updated.

Send a Reminder:

  1. Click on the Calendar record.

  2. Input the appropriate information in the Reminders section and click Save.

Create a Recurring Meeting or Call
  1. Click on any time slot in the Calendar to view the Calendar Create form.

  2. Select Schedule Meeting or Log Call.

  3. Input all mandatory fields indicated by red asterisks.

  4. Click on the Recurrence tab.

  5. Select Daily; Weekly; Monthly; or Yearly from the Repeat dropdown list.

  6. Choose specific days of the week by selecting Weekly from the Repeat dropdown list and selecting days in the On section.

  7. Select the End By button to view the Select Date Calendar.

  8. Select the End Date in the displayed calendar and click Save.

Move a Meeting or Call:
  1. Drag and drop items from one time slot to another.  

Note that changing the meeting details with drag-and-drop does not send a system-generated update to the meeting invitees.
Create a Note or Attachment:

Do one of the following:

  • Navigate to the record's Detail View page.

  • Create the note or attachment for the Meeting, Call or Task.


  • Select the module, Meeting, Call or Task

  • Select the record from the module's List View page.

  • Click Create Note or Attachment. Enter the information in the form and click Save.

Send a Meeting Invite to a Contact or Lead not yet recorded:
  1. Click desired time slot in Calendar to open the Create Activity (Quick Create) form.
  2. Click the invitees tab in the Create Activity form.
  3. Enter the information in the Add Invitees section.
  4. Click the As Contact or As Lead button. (The information entered in the Add Invitees section is pre-populated in the Create an Invitee section.)
  5. Click Create & Add. (The new Contact or Lead is added to the Meeting or Call invite.)
  6. Click the Details tab and enter mandatory information related to the Meeting or Call.
  7. Input information in the Recurrence tab if required.
  8. Click Save & Send Invites
Send a Meeting reminder via Email:
  1. Go to the Meeting or Call record.
  2. In Reminders click Email all invitees.  
  3. Type the time for the reminder email to be sent.
Delete or Edit a recurring Meeting or Call:
  1. Click on any recurring event in Calendar.
  2. This displays the Edit Activity form.
  3. Select the Recurrence tab in the Edit Activity form.
  • Click Remove All Occurrences to delete all recurring events in the series and Click Save.


  • Click Edit All Occurrences to modify information related to the series and click Save.
Add an Invitee:
  1. Navigate to a Meeting or Call record's Edit View.
  2. Scroll to the Add Invitees panel and search for the attendee you wish to add.
  3. Click Add to the far right of the record's name.
  • Note that the icons to the left of the record's name indicate if it is a Contact (Rolodex Card icon), Lead (Magnifying Glass icon), or User (People icon) record.
  • The added invitee(s) will appear in the Scheduling panel in the Meetings edit view as well as the Invitees subpanel in the detail view.
View Additional Details for an Activity:
  1. Select Calendar.
  2. Navigate to the Call, Meeting, or Task you wish to view.
  3. Click the "i" icon on the far right of the activity block on the Calendar.


The Additional Details popup window displays.


Click the Pencil icon to view the edit view for the record, click the Eyeball icon to view the detail view of the record, or click X to close the popup window.


All Meetings and Calls, including recurring events, can be synchronized between ProTracker Cloud and the plug-in software (ProTracker Plug-in for Outlook). Meetings synced from the plug-ins to ProTracker Cloud can be edited in the plug-ins only.

Field Descriptions

Related to:

The related module record associated with the meeting or call.

Assigned to: 

The employee assigned to the meeting or call.


The subject of the scheduled meeting or call.

Activity Type:

The type of activity associated with the meeting or call.

Start Date:

The start date and time for the scheduled meeting or call.


The current status, e.g., Planned, Held, Not Held, of the meeting or call.

End Date:

The end date and time of the meeting or call.


The meeting location.


The team(s) assigned to the meeting record.



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