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Viewing and managing predefined charts

Modifying the Home page

Customizing the Home page



When you log into ProTracker Cloud, you will see your Home page. Navigate to the other pages alongside the Home menu and down the left navigation bar of the screen. Other employees do not have access to your Home page.

The Home page displays a collection of ProTracker Dashlets that display information related to your activities such as Meetings and Calls.  It also displays records assigned to you, such as Clients and Opportunities.  ProTracker Dashlets are user-configurable panels that you can add, remove, and move as needed.  For more information, see Dashlets.

Home page tabs

My ProTracker

This tab typically displays the following list of your tasks and activities (these may be added or removed):

My Calls

Lists phone calls set up by you or that include you, listing the subject of the call, the duration, and the start date.

My Meetings           

Lists invitations to meetings set up by you or others including the subject of the call, the duration, and the start date.

My Leads

Displays a list of leads that you created, including the names, business phone number, and date created.

My Top Open Opportunities                          

Lists the top five opportunities sorted by the amount. Opportunities with a status of Closed-Lost or Closed-Won are not included.  You can display up to ten opportunities in this Dashlet.

My Clients

Displays clients assigned to you, including the client name and phone numbers.

My Activity Stream

Notifies you when you and other team members create a new contact, lead, opportunity, or case.  


This tab displays predefined sales report charts.  For example, My Pipeline displays a chart of your sales opportunities based on the cumulative amounts for selected sales stages.  This chart, based on a ProTracker predefined report, displays only when the expected close date is within the specified date range.  Click the Edit icon on the Dashlet menu bar to modify the chart title, chart type, sale stage, or time period.  The updated information is displayed in the pipeline chart.  Click the Refresh icon to refresh the view after an update. You can set the Dashlet to auto refresh.



This tab displays predefined marketing report charts.  For example, Leads by Lead Source displays various sources of your leads to sales prospects, such as cold calls, trade shows, email campaigns, and so on.

Viewing and managing predefined charts

A chart is a graphical display of a report.  You can add charts based on custom and predefined reports on your Home page.  When a report is updated, the chart is automatically updated as well.

All charts are displayed as a collection of ProTracker Dashlets. You can configure their appearance to suit your requirements.  For example, you can change their titles and display or hide columns. You can always revert to the default settings, if needed.  ProTracker Cloud provides several charts based on predefined reports. You can use these charts to view sales and opportunities for your firm. Each distinctively colored area on a chart is linked to the data set that it represents. You can click any colored area to drill down to the underlying data.

You can edit predefined charts to suit your requirements, but you cannot delete them.  Click the Edit icon to modify a chart.  Click the Refresh icon to refresh the view after an update.  Click the Refresh icon above the chart to recalculate the data source for a specific chart.


The following predefined charts are displayed on your Sales page:

My Pipeline

This is a funnel chart that displays the total dollar amounts for all your opportunities grouped by sales stage.  This chart displays only when the expected close date of an opportunity is within the specified date range.

Opportunities By Lead Source

This is a horizontal chart that displays the proportion of total sales opportunities for each lead source.

 My Closed Won Opportunities

This is a chart that displays your closed won opportunities.  The gauge size matches the total number of opportunities assigned to you. The position of the line on the gauge and the number displayed inside the gauge matches the total number of opportunities assigned to you with the Sales Stage set Closed Won.  The gauge is divided into four ranges that are automatically calculated to be about equal size.

 My Forecasting

This is a bar chart that compares your quarterly quota with your committed forecast and your closed won opportunities.

The following predefined charts are displayed on your Marketing page:

 Leads by Lead Source

This is a horizontal stacked bar chart where each bar shows the value of potential sales at each stage of the sales pipeline.    

 Campaign ROI

This is a bar chart that displays the return on investment (ROI) for a campaign. 

The Add Page option allows you to add additional tabs to your Home page.  Each tab is a new page that you can add to reorganize you Home page and display ProTracker Dashlets on separate pages.

Modifying the Home page

You can edit the Home page to rename page tabs, change the Home page layout, and add new ProTracker Dashlets.  

You can add new pages to the Home page if you need space to accommodate more Dashlets. These pages display as additional tabs next to the My ProTracker tab.

Note the following restrictions when adding new pages:

  • Maximum of ten pages are allowed on the Home page.
  • Maximum of three columns on a page are allowed.
  • Page names cannot be duplicated.
  • Page names cannot be more than 25 characters long.

You can revert to the default Home page setup at any time by clicking Reset Homepage in your User Settings. 

Customizing the Home page




Customize the Home page:

Click and hold the title bar of a Dashlet and drag and drop it in a different location on the Home page.

Follow the steps listed below to rename the My ProTracker tab:

    • Double-click the tab name.

(The tab label changes to a text field.)

    • Enter a new name in the text field and click outside the field to display it.

Click the Add ProTracker Dashlets link at the bottom of the page to add a ProTracker Dashlet.

Follow the steps listed below to change the number of columns in the page layout:

    • Click the Change Layout button on your Home page.  This displays the Change Layout pop-up box.
    • Select the number of columns you want displayed on the page.

This reformats your Home page layout and displays existing information within the number of specified columns.

Add and manage new pages:

  1. Click the Add Page link indicated by a plus sign (+) located to the right of the Home page tabs.This displays the Add Page pop-up box.
  2. Enter a name for the page, select the number of columns you want on the page and click Submit.

 The new page tab is added to the Home page and the new page displays on the screen. Now you can add Dashlets.

Revert to default Home page settings:

  1. Click your name located at the top right-hand corner of the page.  This displays your User Profile.

  2. Click Reset Homepage and OK.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support: support@protracker.com


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