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The Users module enables you to edit, activate, and deactivate users in ProTracker. There are two types of users:

  • Regular Users can access and use ProTracker modules but do not have administrative privileges.
  • Database Administrators have administrative privileges in ProTracker to perform tasks such as editing dropdowns.

You can assign users to roles and teams depending on the tasks they perform for the organization. If necessary, you can reassign a user’s records to other users; e.g., when a user leaves the organization you can reassign that individual’s tasks to other members of the team.


  • Inactive users do not count towards the number of ProTracker licenses you purchase for your organization; however, you must remove them from your ProTracker subscription to remove them from ongoing subscription fees.  See Subscription.
  • To add additional users to your subscription, please contact ProTracker sales at or visit


Assign roles and teams to a user

Use the following instructions to assign roles to a user.

  1. Click the user on the Users List View. This displays the user’s Detail View page.
  2. To assign a role to the user, scroll down the page, click Select in the Roles section and select one or more roles that you want to assign to the user.
  3. The user is assigned to the role, which is now listed in the Roles sub-panel.

Use the following instructions to assign the user to a team.

  1. Scroll down the Users List View, click Select in the My Teams sub-panel and select one or more teams that you want to assign to the user.
  2. The user is assigned to the team, and the team is now listed in the My Teams sub-panel.

Reassign records to a different user

  1. Click Reassign Records from the Actions dropdown on the Users tab.
    This displays the Reassign Records page.
  2. Select the user whose records you want to reassign.
  3. Select the new user to whom you want to assign the records.
  4. Select the new user’s team, from the Set Team dropdown if required. Use the default value of No Change if both users belong to the same team.
  5. Select the modules to assign to the new user from the Modules to include list.
    Records related to the selected modules will be reassigned to the new user.
  6. To assign specific records, select one or more filters from the Filter list. For example, to assign new and pending bugs only, you can select New and Pending as the filters.
  7. Click Submit to reassign the records.
  8. On the Record Reassignment page, do one of the following:
    • To use the Record Reassignment function with an existing workflow, click the Verbose output checkbox.
    • To send email notifications and add record reassignments to the Audit table, click the Include Workflow/Notifications/Audit checkbox.
  9. Click Continue to proceed with the reassignment.
    This displays the Record Reassignment Processing Accounts page.
  10. Click Return to return to the Record Reassignment page.

Manage user information



Update information related to multiple Users

  1. In the Users List View, click the selection box associated with the records you want to update.
  2. Click Mass Update in the dropdown.

For more information, see Editing and suppressing multiple records.

View details of a Users record

Click the name in the Users List View.

Edit details of a Users record

Click Edit on the Users Details View, update the information and click Save .

Delete a User record

Please contact ProTracker Support.

Reset to the default values for User preferences, Homepage, or Dashboard

Click the appropriate button in the Users Detail View.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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