Create a Meeting

Create a Meeting

  1. Open the meeting create form in one of the following ways:
    • In the left navigation bar click Meeting > Schedule Meeting.



    • In the Quick Create menu click Meeting.


    • Click Create New on the Meetings List View.


  1. Complete the Meeting Create Form. Fields that are marked by an asterisk ( * ) are required and must be completed to save the Meeting.



  1. To add an invitee as a contact  or lead who is not yet in your program, click As Contact or As Lead as appropriate. The create contact or create lead form opens and you can add the appropriate information to create a contact or  lead record for the new contact.
  2. Choose one of the following options to save and close the Meeting:
    • Click Save. This saves the meeting without sending invitations.
    • Click Cancel to close the meeting without saving it.
    • Click Save & Send. The Meetings Detail View displays, the meeting is saved and invitations are sent to the participants.
    • Click Close and Create New. The original meeting closes with a status of Held. 

For more information on creating meetings see Meetings.


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