Ron How to take a copy of SQL database when traveling

How to take a copy of SQL database when traveling

NOTE: This database should be used for reference only. There are no options for syncing new data back into the existing database.

  1. Install SQL Server and SQL Server management studio on the laptop per the attached instructions.
  2. Obtain a backup copy of the SQL database file. Then do a restore per the attached instructions.
  3. Open ProTracker advantage and go to file – connect to database. Select the local copy of the SQL Server and database, then connect.

***Please confirm that this process is allowed in your organization's compliance code. This database may contain client tax IDs, birthdates and account information that would be compromised if the laptop was misplaced. 

Please contact customer support to get a script that will remove tax IDs birthdates and account numbers from the copy of the SQL database. This must be run each time a fresh backup is stored.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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