ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2016-07-15

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Documents Date Received field fix
Documents Fixed blank Document Explorer screen when extra registry keys exist for mscomctl
Institutions Fixed bug related to adding new institiutions
Pipeline Events Multi-select enabled for activity conversions and deletions
Projects Fixed project list on task dialog. It would sometimes not show related project list.
Reports Fixed issue in multi-form mode where reports displayed from activity dialogs popup behind dialog
Reviews Multi-select enabled for activity conversions and deletions
Sync Updated SQL Driver detection
Tasks Added Status, Progress field to Home>Tasks screen. Added Status field to Activities>Tasks
Tasks Updated Activities>Tasks tab to include tasks where related to is responsible
Touches Re-enabled Add a Touch option
User Interface Added Tooltip preferences to Tools>Options>Activities
User Interface Improved behavior of tooltips for long activity text
User Interface Home screen refreshes every 60 seconds
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