ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2016-02-22

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2016-02-22

ProTracker Advantage now supports automatic synchronization with Outlook for contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and emails.

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If you would like to participate in a User Group session on AutoSync, visit: ProTracker User Group Sign-Up


 Release Notes

Activities Added mileage fields to appointment and task dialogs
Activities Added mileage tracking to Ops>Billing
Address Address last edit dates updated by sync process
Beneficiaries Added comments column to beneficiary listviews
Billing Added Ops>Billing>Billable Activities tab
Calendar Weekly calendar will show double-booked appointments
Calendar Updated attendees list, fixed issue with adding attendees from the system-generated employee group
Contacts Removed placeholders in email fields if no email is selected when adding from unmatched email list
Custom Custom tab names can be changed under Ops>Db Admin>Custom Fields>Custom Tabs
Documents Deleting unmatched emails improved for unexpected characters
Documents Fixed error when files with unicode characters show in in lists of documents
Email Archiving Matches will be found if the user stores multiple email addresses in a single field
Gifting List now ordered by primary contact
Groups Added Client Since Month filter to Group Builder
Groups Group summary reports obey include flag
Insurance Global insurance company list displays policy owners
Interfaces Added additional date filter options: Next X Years, all future/prior dates
Interfaces Updated list of account types that are considered cash for money balance imports
Net Worth Fixed GO option on context menu for net worth history screen
Projects Added more options to right-click menu on Project Details
Projects Rescheduling activities elsewhere updates related projects
Projects Added date sorting to Project Activities report
Reminders Dismissing or deferring a reminder updates the last modification details
Reports Fixed Save as PDF error regarding missing report
RMD Editing or double-clicking items on the RMD By Contact screen goes to the clients RMD tab
RMD RMD Wizard no longer shows accounts on calculation step for which no 12/31 value is yet available.
RMD RMD History Details list now includes totals and RMD To Go info
Sync Improved Contact/Email matching
Sync Improved matching of appointments during sync when different appointments occur at the same time for the same event
Sync Updated log files to match order of fields in rule dialog
Sync Appointment organizer field will no longer update PTA Assigned To
Sync Improved Office, Address, and Phone comparisons for Contacts
Sync Group filter for contact syncing allows client groups
Sync Updated default sync rules for email rules
Time and Billing Fixed validation of start and end times
Workflows Fixed delete options on workflow steps

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