ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2015-10-16

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2015-10-16

ProTracker Advantage now supports automatic synchronization with Outlook for contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and emails.

AutoSync includes the following features:

  • a simple rule builder to control how your data is sent back and forth to Outlook
  • filters to limit the data sent or received to only what you care about
  • a scheduling capability, so AutoSync only runs when you want it to
  • AutoSync runs in the background even when ProTracker Advantage is not running

To learn more about AutoSync, press [F1] for detailed Help or visit these links:

If you would like to participate in a User Group session on AutoSync, visit: ProTracker User Group Sign-Up

Additional Release Notes

Items marked with an asterisk (**) are updates to the 2015-10-16 release.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are updates to the 2015-09-30 release.

Accounts Cost Basis now loading if account type is CD
Action Lists Report sorts by raw date
Addresses Updated USPS package tracking link
Audit** Updated suppressed items and deletes items tabs
Beneficiaries Added client type filter to global beneficiaries list
Billing Updated invoice to show payments when no other adjustments
Billing Improved data validation on time & billing dialogs
Calendar** Long appointment descriptions are truncated on contact appointments report
Calendar Fixed issue where Send Attendees flag could prevent items from being synced
Calendar Added holidays thorugh 2018
Calendar User is warned if a newly added appointment occurs far in the future
Cash Flow Client Cash Flow Reporting uses actual list of cash flows as filter instead of year range
Clients Added Firm Contact column to Ops>Client Analysis>Scorecard
Clients Fixed Contact Type assignment in new Client dialog
Contacts All audit fields updated when using contact name dialog
Database Updated SQL login dialog to detect permission deficiencies
Datasheets Improved datasheet export to match exported Excel version with installed version 
Email Group Send To preference remembered between sessions
Email Archiving Added workaround for Exchange Server misreporting email address types
Export Updated export to save xlsx files
GUI Program opens release notes page immediately after update to improve communication of changes, enhancements, training, and help resources
Institutions Institution Type populates from global Add an Institution forms
Interfaces Added Send To Outlook buttons to Appointment, Task, and Note activity dialogs
Interfaces Added Morningstar Office billing import
Interfaces Updated interface list
Interfaces Updated generic import process to ignore potentially invalid columns
Interfaces Updated LaserApp interface - added beneficiary export
Interfaces Updated MoneyGuidePro interface - improved beneficiary export
Interfaces Updated LaserApp interface - added new fields
Marketing Restored filters to Prospects By Source list
Misc* Added a Deleted Items log to Ops>DB Admin
Misc* Long notes in Recent Activity are no longer truncated
Money Balances Update list of interface sot Ops>Money Balances tabs
Money Balances Fixed HighCash field in Money Balance Update
Net Worth Fixed report footer placement in Net Worth Totals report
Notes Updated memo report for businesses and trusts
Notes Added Privacy flag
Preferences Added AutoCorrect Options dialog to Tools>Options Assistant
Projects** Added project activities report with hours
Projects Save and Edit waits for project creation to finish before going to the edit screen
Projects Updated project dropdown on activity dialogs for group projects
Projects* Project Time validation was happening too soon in data entry
Relatives Added age to relatives listviews
Reminders Reminder system is more tolerant of temporary loss of network connectivity
Reports Firm Contact Filter in AUM report updated
Reports Fixed issue where sending a report to Word selects the wrong output
Reports Fixed bug in export report to Excel feature where report contains no filters
Reviews Added spellcheck to Review dialog
RMD Updated rounding precision on RMD summary list
Sync** Select Folder feature uses current Outlook profile instead of looking up saved profile
Sync** Added AutoSync settings dialog
Sync** If database connection is incomplete, sync asks for parameters
Sync** Improved sync progress dialogs
Sync Performance improvements
Sync* Added ability to delete items in Outlook when Advantage items are merely closed
Sync* Resolved issue with unwanted attendees on synced appointments using wide-open filters
Sync* Fixed issue where a mapped path that failed an existence check would stop sync process
Tasks** Recurrence dialog improvements
Tasks* Fixed bug in 9/16 release where tasks could be deleted when exiting edit dialog
Tasks* Task recurrence dialog was not returning recurrence pattern to task dialog
Tasks Status and Progress fields can revert to blank if values are no longer needed
Tasks Add reminder date column to Open Tasks screen
Tasks Closing a task dialog while assigning a library task removes the task from the associated client or contact
Taxes Tax bracket update
Taxes Added 2015 tax rates
Taxes Added a tax exception list to showing clients with missing records
Time and Billing Fixed elapsed time bug when <1 min has elapsed
Updates* Checking for updates ignores version info cached by browser
User** Interface AutoSync status label could cover tabs if the window size was too small
User Interface Fixed display issue with filter dialog
Withdrawal Updated order of rounding for net withdrawal amounts

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