ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-06-19

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-06-19

Increased size of URL field in database to accommodate larger values
Activities Changed filter label of Firm Contact to Owner to match list results
Analysis Last activity email updated to show correct date
Analysis Client Scorecard checkbox fix
Calendar Focus returns to attendee selection list after each addition
Calendar Improved resizing behavior of Daily Calendar to maximize use of screen real estate
Cash Flow Update Cash Flow Statement report filter to include future years
Database Improved audit records of deleted items such as contact,clients, groups, and activities
Groups Improved Member Date List reports to more closely match on-screen lists
Groups Added FileAs sorting to group mailing reports: envelope, large label, small label, sheet label
GUI Added confirmation messages to several delete buttons
GUI F12 Date stamp shortcut key applies only when dialogs or profile records are open for editing
Insurance Life Insurance Reports will display policies without a policy status
Net Worth Fixed decimal formatting in net worth statement
Reports Improved export of reports to Excel including better column headers for user-defined reports and listview reports
Sync Sync improvements specific to Outlook 2013

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