ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-05-28 & 2014-05-16

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-05-28

Net Worth Fixed issue with net worth date dialog preventing the net worth graph from opening

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-05-16

Accounts Withdrawal Import now uses expanded account description for imported records
Accounts Added account value to global Money Balances list
Accounts Account Profile reports include expanded comments section
Accounts Added view of accounts related to clients who are members of a group under group membership tab
Accounts Account Profile report includes account policy info
Accounts Added Investment Objective and Risk Tolerance to account Policies tab
Accounts Removed terminated and suppressed clients and closed accounts from global money balance datasheet
Accounts Added general money balance management report
Accounts Added client type filter to Money Balance operations screen
Action Lists Client Task List filters on date due, Report Card on date completed
Action Lists Update column names of Task and Report Card lists
Activities Activity tabs ordered to match order of filters
Activities Client and Contact Next Activity tabs flag next activities that are in the past
Activities Improved validation of recurring appointments and tasks
Associations Added Client only views of professionals and relatives
Billing Client Invoices tab applies adjustments in the same manner as the invoice dialog
Contributions Default contribution year coincides with tax year
Database Updated blank and sample databases
Estate Estate and Insurance summary tab layout improvements
Estate Trust Name now shown on client's estate planning summary tab
Estate Estate Exceptions tab now shows contact name in addition to client name to pinpoint missing records
Estate Improved filters for global estate planning lists: All, Will, Trust, DPOA
Groups Performance improvements to membership list display
Groups Performance improvements to group builder and group refreshes
Groups Improved performance of envelope and label reports
Groups performance improvements to Expired Members report
Groups Updated mailing list export
Groups Group History tab filter settings retained between refreshes
Groups Fixed bug that prevented selection of Account Types in dynamic groups
Groups Fix for dynamic groups using account type rules
GUI Updated recent list, now stores preferences locally to improve program load time
GUI Fixed flicker of Recent list on first open of the program
GUI Most listviews now allow column rearrangement and indicate current sort order
Help Added Tutorial link to Help menu
Installation Existing database files cannot be overwritten if user chooses to reinstall even if the user marks them for overwriting
Installation Updated child component installers for Windows 7 and 8
Installation Updated uninstall control panel info
Institutions Consolidated Institution forms
Insurance Improvements to Life Insurance Policy Profile report
Insurance Added premium fields and additional filters to global life insurance screen
Insurance Improved life insurance premium fields to enable tracking
Insurance Added coverage checkboxes to indicate types of coverage held regardless of deductibles
Insurance Disability policies will accept 'life' and other non-numerc maximum ages
Insurance Updated Umbrella policy labels
Insurance Terminated policies excluded from life insurance summary reports
Insurance Added face value to client insurance summary tab
Insurance Removed duplicate entries for contacts who are part of multiple client relationships
Insurance Added Status column, and multiple filters to client insurance profile screen
Insurance Dropped Insurance Rating Feature
Insurance Added separate Insured field to Long Term Care policy records
Insurance Global insurance tabs no longer show policies belonging to contacts without an associated client record either through death or suppression of the client record
Insurance Added policy status filters to all global insurance listviews
Interfaces Updated MoneyGuidePro interface to ignore suppressed/deceased beneficiaries and related contacts
Licenses Updated Add a User links
Net Worth Update to Net Worth Totals report for Windows 7
Net Worth Net Worth Statement Format updates
Net Worth Net Worth Statement report performance improvements
Projects Added checks to prevent unnecessary projects from being created
Projects Fixed bug in saving Project Activity text
Projects Added sample project reports to blank and sample databases
Projects When adding an activity for a client against a project, the list of projects includes those associated with their individual contact records
Reports Fixed Send to Excel button for text-based filters
RMD Added validation message if participant information is left blank when account is owned by designated beneficiary
Support Updated OS detection code
Taxes Added Federal and State Loss tabs for strategizing about capital gain//losses
Taxes Format update to estimated taxes letter
Taxes Fixed save button on tax return dialog
Taxes Updated Declaration Control Number Log to use current nomenclature
User Interface Custom column width preferences are retained if a report is viewed before the form is saved
Workflows Workflows can now be assigned in bulk to each member of a group

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