ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-02-18

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2014-02-18

Fixed Review Type filters
GUI Tabbed Documents turned off for more recent versions of Office
Notes Note Library selection dialog always sorts the same way when initially opened
Interfaces Added ByAllAccounts interface for portfolio values
Accounts Fixed bug in Assets by Institution report that could double-count 50/50 owners if account ownership type did not match
Notes Improved footer format of task and note memo reports
Taxes added 2013 trust tax rates
Taxes added 2013 tax rates
Accounts Increased width of Account Selector dialog
Projects Project Estimates will now save if the workflow is not assigned
Insurance Add a Policy dialog allows for non-client owners
Projects Fixed mouse move error in project report template dialog
Accounts User is prompted to set account value to $0 when account is closed

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