ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2013-11-18

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2013-11-18 (6.0.131118.xxxx)

Billing Added payment type to payments and adjustments
Projects Fixed error saving hourly rates in project estimates
API Update API to support incoming calls and searches for telephony packages that don't support DDE
Action List Report Card Report form shows date completed instead of due date
Interfaces Updated Albridge web services
Reports Added new Project Activity report
Reports Added Primary, secondary and Tertiary and 3rd successor to Insurance > beneficiaries report
Activities Activity Conversion process fixed
Projects Fixed mousemove error in project report dialog
Removed suppressed professionals from professionals report
Insurance Removed duplicate records from Operations>Insurance>Health screen
Billing Payments and Balance columns shown on client invoices tab
Activities updated activity reassignment to handle appointment attendees who are not related and not assigned to the appointment
Interfaces Updated PreciseFP interface to warn of duplicates
Groups Added asset type to global account list and filter
Search improved focus behavior of global search box
Beneficiaries Updated sort order on beneficiaries report
Interfaces Updated Albridge interface
Interfaces Updated MoneyGuidePro interface
Compliance Added issue date, tax id, and citizenship to client identity list
Marketing Added potential AUM to marketing>Prospects>Prospect by Source view
Marketing Converted pipeline events are deleted if the user requests it
Interfaces Fixed PreciseFP import when the import omits areas of data such as assets or dependents.
Projects Fixed billable label on Non-Billable Hours tab
Word Merge Added FirmContact fields: Firstname, Lastname, Prefix to all merges
Gifts Improved spped of Firm>Gifts section
Groups fixed a bug where adding a contact to a broadcast group might show a blank list of groups
Professionals Added the Professional's Firm Contact as a filter to the Ops>Associations>Professionals tab
Tasks Updated privacy for task listviews, private items don't show activity text
Tasks When adding a task from the library, reminder notification does not appear until user saves the record.
Clients Goals section now appears on Client Profile Summary report
Notes Fixed bug in sort order of Note History report
Calendar If an employee or employee group is deleted, the calendar filter will gracefully recover if that was the default selection instead of garbling the display
Action Lists Report Card report accepts filters from Action List dialog related to date completed.
Reports Fixed report export where report filter and report recordsource filters conflict
Calendar Updated privacy for calendar listviews, private items don't show activity text
Estate Adding an estate item using the Quick Add option will cause that item to appear on the global estate screen without any additional details.
Workflows Last Edit Date is set when a workflow is assigned
Gifts Client Firm Profile screen now shows gifts to contacts who are part of hte client relationship
Gifting When a gift is added form the global screen, the list of contacts will be displayed
Projects Adding a library task from a project screen adds the task to that project
Accounts Added Firm Contact criteria to Asset under Management report
Addresses Postal code lookup uses the "default" checkbox to pick the most relevant zip code when only a city and state are known and more than one option is available.
RMD RMD Summary Tab remembers custom sort preferences
Custom Fields Fixed bug that caused duplicate fields to be created when user unique fields are not in use
Recurrence Updated recurrence pattern functions to fix calculations for final days in February
Accounts improved performance of new account dialog
RMD improved feedback for rmd factor updates

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