ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2012-10-15

ProTracker Advantage Release Notes 2012-10-15

Action Lists fixed meeting agenda and action list filters
Activities Fixed Touch activity bug caused by rescheduling tasks, appointments
Projects Fixed bug that prevents projects with reviews from reaching 100% completion
Reports Employee Schedule Report fixes
Tasks Employee list no longer blank when certain user preferences are selected
Tasks Category sort order updated
Notes Assign a Note from Library gets correct Related To
Calendar General mouse-clicking updates related to double-clicking and closing
Calendar Appoint type and Category sort order updated
Projects Project report cover page updated for contact,groups
Notes resolved note dialog flickering behavior
Documents Added reset columns to document review screen
Report Builder Fixed problem in filters that prevented report from running if the filter criteria was a very large list
Projects Project dropdown on Activity screens shows related projects
Reports ADV Offer report excludes terminated and deceased clients
Reports Meeting Agenda report now respects on screen filters applied after checking checkboxes
GUI Fixed problem where progress bar could show values outside of normal range
Clients Removed Suppression option from client list, must be terminated first on client profile
Taxes Fixed problem where Tax Preparer list could be blank
Recurrence When weekly recurrence is selected, the current day of the week is selected by default
Beneficiaries Fixed problem that prevented multiple beneficiaries from being added at the same time
User Interface Menu bar position can now be controlled
Reports Update Employee Schedule report
Reports Fix for very long filters in Custom Reports
Notes Note flickering on save fixed
Clients Right-click suppress option removed from client list
Tasks Updated Action Person list
Documents Added column reset to Document Review screen
Reports Terminated clients will not appear on ADV report
Accounts Fixed bug that prevented multiple beneficiaries from being added at the same time
Contacts Fixed photo linking menu
Projects Project dropdown on activity screens now shows project list if applicable
Notes Note Library uses current Related To when creating a new note
User Interface Progress bar improvements
Reminders Reminder screen won't hijack loaded task or appointment dialog. SSN and DOB fields prevent accidental overwrites
Interfaces Fixed withdrawal import to respect import inclusion flag. rmd flag step does not show excluded withdrawals
Billing Adjustments on the invoice dialog can be edited by double-clicking. Print Invoice button returns a helpful message If the item originated outside ProTracker
Billing User can import next billing date info from file > Import > Generic Import > Next Billing Info
Help Modified tips screen to expand title area, introduce reandom start point for tips when unable to access last tip id from registry
RMD RMD summary screens show account value at the time RMD was calculated instead of current value
Interfaces Import of next billing date respects user's checkbox selections for including or excluding rows
Calendar Added "Save and Add" button to appointment dialog
Tasks Task category respects sort order
Email When selecting email recipients from an appointment, user may select primary email address
Calendar Updated public calendar to prevent unexpected closing when viewing other user's appointments
Groups Fixed bug in imagecombo when adding a member
Activities When deleting an item from the activities list, if the user cancels, the item is not removed from the list anyway
Calendar Improved performance of employee schedule report when using filters
Documents Document explorer will allow sorting by document types
Custom Fields Updated custom field counts on ops>DB Admin>Custom Fields
Interfaces Update Advent Axys import
Contacts Updated professions listview, added contact type and filters
Tasks Added priority column to task listview
Marketing Added firm contact filter to Ops>Activities>Pipeline
Taxes Added 2011 and 2012 tax rate info
Interfaces Fixed report to Excel integration
Documents Users may directly edit the file date of a file on disk by editing the file date on the Document edit dialog
Billing List of services added to invoice dialog
Calendar Reseting calendar preferences restores all default options including colors
Documents Renaming document folders retains the document abstract
Interfaces Added LinkedIn contact import
Calendar Duplicate appointments removed from all activities tab
Calendar Fixed bug in start day of popup calendar
Word Merge .dotm files now allowed in Word merges
Tasks Added Status field to the global task list
Interfaces System columns like IconX and X are excluded from exports
Projects Project progress indicator will calculate using actionable items only - which are appointments and tasks
Accounts Fixed account transfer function
Interfaces Added AssetBook interface
Clients Improved layout and format of total fields on client scorecard screen
Interfaces Improved outlook contact import to include more fields, better duplicate detection
Clients Fixed client count filter
Activites Edit date is updated when an item is rescheduled
Accounts Updated account import to handle unexpected nulls in account value import
Taxes Added client filter to ops>taxes>federal and ops>taxes>state
Net Worth Net worth graph on screen and reports is no longer cut off at high resolution
ADV Offer report does not include deceased or terminated clients
Tasks Related To on Task dialog appears without hovering
Keywords The first letter you press on the Add a Keyword dialog will cause those letters to scroll into view
Help Added fastsupport link to help menu
Tasks Fixed date filter on global tasks screen
RMD Revised factors related to RMD now saved
Taxes Federal marginal rates will update if underlying tax rate changes
Calendar Weekly Calendar shows overlapping appointments
Home Selecting "Any" as the date filter on the Home screen will be remembered
Accounts Added asset value filter to ops>accounts>portfolio values

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