DE Prevent multiple emails from archiving

Prevent multiple emails from archiving

There are several ways to prevent getting multiple emails saved. Since many employees are often copied on the same email to a client, setting up a policy or rules for who archives the email will prevent most duplicates.

When you have emails that bounce back and forth between you and the client until an issue is resolved, don't archive each back-and-forth message; instead move only the final message into an archive folder in OUtlook (2BArchived is a good example) when the 'conversation' is completed. Alternatively, move each message into the folder as you go along but remove all but the last message from the folder right before you archive. The point is to only archive that final email which should have the entire series of comments from each side.

Do not have two people archive the same message. This will create two copies of the message. Develop and follow a rule where you decide who is responsible for archiving. Our sister advisory firm says that originator of the email archives the email, or if the client initiated it, then the firm contact. (See attached example of their email archiving policy)

Use two different folders for archiving OR just archive the one folder, but do not archive the same folder twice. This doesn't archive the message twice but it does run through the folder twice so it takes longer and wastes a lot of time waiting for the process to complete.

The Activities tab WILL show the message twice if you have the Other Files filter checkbox checked. This is because some information is stored within the database and there is also the copy of the email that is stored on disk in the client's folder. When you check the Other Files checkbox, every file in the client's folder is shown on this list, including the archived emails. You can uncheck this box (which will greatly speed up the rendering of this screen, by the way!). But you can then see all the files from the Document Explorer tab, or all of the emails from the Emails tab.

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