Product Registration and Licensing

To view or change your ProTracker Advantage Registration, open the Tools menu and select Registration.

The Registration dialog includes your Licensee name (which is usually your Firm's name), Registration Key, license Expiration Date, the number of days before the current license expires, and the number of Licenses.

Note that in order to use either the Sample database or the Live database, a valid Licensee and Registration Key must be entered for each. The Licensee and Registration Key may be the same for both.

Often the Licensee and Registration Key will be sent to you in an email message. Simply copy Licensee and Registration Key, one at a time, from the email message and paste it into the respective field on the registration screen. Then click Register. Only one user needs to register a database, even though your firm may have multiple Advantage users.

You may purchase additional licenses from the ProTracker web site. You will be provided with a new Registration Key that you must simply paste into this screen and click Register to have the extra license enabled.



The Browse button may be used to load a registration key sent by ProTracker personnel in case the user is having trouble manually registering the program. The key will be contained in a file with an .xml suffix, probably key.xml. Click Browse to locate and select the file, then the Licensee and Registration Key will populate the two fields. Click Register to update the expiration date.

Buy License

Click the Buy License button to go to the ProTracker Software online store, where you can purchase Advantage.

Renew License

Click the Renew License button to go to the ProTracker Software online store to renew your subscription.

Add a User

Click the Add a User button to go to the ProTracker Software online store, where you can purchase additional licenses.


Click the Register button to verify the registration and exit the dialog.


Click the Cancel button to exit the dialog without verifying the registration.

Subscription Management

To cancel your automatic subscription or update your credit card information, you must use the link provided in the email you received at the time of your first on-line subscription payment.  If you no longer have the email, please contact sales at 

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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