DE How to resolve database corruption issues (MS Access database only)

How to resolve database corruption issues when using Microsoft Access database.

Running weekly maintenance will prevent most corrupt databases. To run maintenance in ProTracker Advantage, go to File > Database Maintenance. 

If no one in the office can connect to the database, use the jetcomp repair process below to fix or contact support. 

Before you start, locate your database file.

If you are not sure where it is located, go to your ProTracker Advantage installation file and locate your startup log file, usually at one of the following:

C:\Program Files\ProTracker Advantage\startup

C:\Program Files (x86)\ProTracker Advantage\startup

Open the startup file and locate the database path under Application > Database.


Note: See attached pdf for detailed visual steps

Run the repair process

  1. Make a backup copy of your database (copy and paste is fine)
  2. Have everyone close out of Advantage
  3. Click Start>Programs>ProTracker Advantage>Tools>JetComp *
  4. Open JetComp
  5. Click the button to the right of "Database to Compact From"
  6. Browse to the location of your AdvantageData.mdb file and click Open
  7. Copy this path into the field called "Database to Compact Into"(Note: Path must be copied/pasted into field.)
  8. Change the name of the copied file path to AdvantageData1.mdb
  9. Click the Compact button. The process may only take a few minutes or as long as 20 minutes for a large database file.
  10. Wait for the compact operation to complete, then close JetComp.
  11. Now browse to the folder containing these files. There should be 2 files:  AdvantageData and AdvantageData1
  12. Delete AdvantageData.mdb
  13. Rename AdvantageData1.mdb to AdvantageData.mdb. This will be your new database file.
  14. Open ProTracker Advantage. Program should now connect normally. If not, contact support.


* Note if Jet Comp is not in your program list check C:\Program Files x86\ProTracker Advantage\Tools\JetComp.exe or download from and unzip

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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