Terminal Server setup

Using ProTracker Advantage with MS Terminal Server

Some ProTracker users are using Microsoft Terminal Server or similar products because they have multiple offices in different cities, and must have the primary database in one of them, yet securely access the database from all. Their hope is that by using these products, upgrading ProTracker and other software applications will be simpler, since for each user, the software resides on the central server. However, if all users on the central server share a single installation of the Advantage program on the Terminal Server, there will be data saving and performance problems. Instead, each user needs their own copy of Advantage on the server. Here’s how to accomplish this:

  1. Complete the SQL Server installation, if necessary. This server need not be the same server functioning as the Terminal Server.
  2. On the server functioning as the Terminal Server, complete a Workstation installation, installing to the C:\Program Files\ProTracker Advantage folder (or C:\Program files (x86)\ProTracker Advantage), as instructed in the ProTracker Installation Guide.
  3. Create a folder for each Terminal Server user of ProTracker, including the user's name in the folder name.

For example, on the server's hard disk, there could be the following folders:

...Program Files\ProTracker Advantage\....

...Program Files\ProTracker Advantage-John\....

...Program Files\ProTracker Advantage-Mary\....

...Program Files\ProTracker Advantage-Fred\...

  1. Copy the contents of the original ProTracker Advantage folder and paste into each user's folder.
  2. After making sure each user has full access to their own ProTracker Advantage folder that was created in step 3, log in to the server as each user, one at a time, and change the path (usually labeled Target) in the Advantage shortcut AND the Start menu shortcut (if Advantage has been added to the Start menu on the Task bar) to indicate the user’s path to the Advantage.mde file, instead of the main ProTracker Advantage folder’s path. Note that the path may occur twice in the Target.

Thus, for user John, add -John to each occurrence of \Program Files\ProTracker Advantage in the Target box, making it \Program Files\ProTracker Advantage-John.

  1. The first time each user logs in, Advantage will prompt for the location of the ProTracker Advantage database. Follow the instructions for "Connecting to the Database" in the ProTracker Installation Guide. Advantage will reconnect to this database on subsequent logins. Thus, each user has his or her own "instance" of ProTracker Advantage, but they all point to one database.

To update Advantage, ensure that all users have exited Advantage, and apply the update to each user's path on the server or update the main ProTracker Advantage folder, then copy the Advantage.mde file into the other folders.


Each terminal server user folder must contain the following files, at minimum:

  • Advantage.mde
  • AutoSync.mde
  • AutoSync.ico
  • AutoSyncGo.ico
  • AutoSyncStop.ico
  • A.ico
  • AdvantageHelp.chm
  • Reminder.wav
  • Update.mde (optional)

The following file(s) should be removed from the user folder:

  • AutoSync.vbs

To print, see the attached pdf. 

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support: support@protracker.com


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