Move a SQL database to a new server

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New Server setup:

Create a new SQL Server instance and install SQL Server Management Studio. Any SQL server from 2005 and newer can be used. Installation steps for 2012 R2:

 These are the steps that should be completed:

1. Install SQL Server installation / instance

2. Install SQL Server Management Studio

3. Enable TCPIP and Named Pipes, enable SQL browser service

4. Disable firewall to allow client connections



Close ProTracker Advantage on all workstations.


Old Server:

Make a backup or Detach/copy your database from the old SQL Server.

See this article for more information on these steps:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio, 
  2. Locate ProTrackerAdvantage database in the list of databases.
  3. Detach the database or make a backup copy : Right-click> Tasks > Detach or Tasks> Backup
  4. detach.png


New Server Installation

  1. Move the database files or the .bak file to its new location on the new server (2 files - .mdf and .ldf). A typical location will be C:\Program Files\ProTracker Advantage or create a new folder on your specific data drive.
  2. Attach your database to the new SQL Server instance using SQL Server Management Studio. (Right-click> Tasks > Attach or Tasks> Restore)
  3. restore.png
  4. Make sure the new server's firewall is disabled or allows SQL traffic.
  5. Make sure the new SQL Server is configured to allow TCP/IP and Named Pipes.
  6. namedpipes.png


Workstation after the database is moved

  1. On each workstation, open ProTracker Advantage. You will be prompted to connect to a database.
  2. Enter the connection information for the new server if needed. The defaults are:
    Auth: windows
    Database: ProTrackerAdvantage

  3. If a workstation is unable to connect to the database after the move, see this article:

Documents and Photos

Please note that you may also need to move the Documents folder to the new server. Try to keep the path to the documents exactly the same. Go to Operations> Database Admin to view the current path. If you remap the mapped drive to the new location, the files paths will allow the links in ProTracker to work.


Running earlier SQL Server version on Windows Server 2012

To run a pre-2012 version of SQL Server 2008 on Server 2012 you have to install SQL Server 2008R2 SP3 and .Net 3.5 has to be enabled, which might not be on a new server.  More info here:

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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