Move the MS Access database to a new server

Move the MS Access database to a new server


If you are running a MS Access database, moving the database (AdvantageData.mdb) is as simple as coping/pasting into a new location. Make sure users have permissions on the new folder to Read/write and modify. Once the file is copied to the new location, in ProTracker Advantage, go to File> Connect to database. Browse to the new folder file location to connect.   

If you are also moving your client/contact documents, please move these at the same time. Be very careful about keeping the document paths exactly the same. For example, if you use the mapped letter drive to point to the documents folder (P:\documents) on the old server, remap the drive to point to the new server, same location. 

After you move the documents to the new location, go to a client profile and open a document from the Activities > All activities page. If the file opens, then your path is set correctly. If the link does not work, please modify the mapped drive setting. 

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