Move the MS Access database to a new server

Move the MS Access database to a new server


Your existing database file AdvantageData.mdb and any client documents/emails should be moved to your new server first. That is as simple as copying and pasting them to a dedicated folder on the new server. Make sure that you create a mapped path to the new server on each workstation so that the links you used on the old computer remain the same on the new computer. For more information about mapping drives, see:

Next, open ProTracker Advantage and select File > Connect to Database from the menu. Choose the Access database in its new location on the new server.

Finally, verify that you client document paths are correct. Select Operations > Database Administration from the menu. For more information about this screen, see: Then, navigate to a client record and select the Activities tab to verify that documents are listed.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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