Ron How does the new subscription-based policy affect my desktop product?

In our latest version of ProTracker Advantage, the Tools > Registration menu > Registration - shows the options available for registrations. Please click on the Licensing Help option to get more information. 


Q: How does an existing Desktop customer subscribe to an automatically renewing plan?

A. By purchasing a license at fastspring, they are automatically enrolled in a subscription plan.


Q: How does ProTracker Advantage Desktop know that the user has a subscription?

A: Whenever a key is entered in the Registration dialog, Advantage checks for a related subscription and stores it in the database.


Q: How does a user update their subscription info? 

A: Manage Subscription takes them to the Fastspring control panel where credit card info and address can be changed.


Q: Can a user reduce the number of users on their own?

A: No, a user can only add more licenses or change billing info. To reduce the license count, contact Changes take effect with the next billing cycle. Unused portions of licenses are not refunded.


Q: What does a user do if they have questions?

A: Licensing Help takes them to a zendesk article on product registration.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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