Home screen flashes/flickers every 60 seconds

Home screen flashes/flickers every 60 seconds


When on Home tab, screen flashes every few seconds


A new feature in version 160422 automatically refreshes the appointment and task lists on the home tab every 60 seconds by default. Unfortunately, on some monitors the refreshing may be visible and may become annoying.


Replace the program file with a temporary non-public version using the steps below. Note: This change will be included in the next automatic program update.

1. Close ProTracker
2. Download the update from here: http://www.protracker.com/Download/Updates/UpdateProTrackerAdvantageWorkstation160516.exe
3. Run the update file and click Next all the way through.
4. Open ProTracker
5. Go to Tools > Options. On the System tab, change the "Refresh Home Screen" option to "Never"


In the new program update, the refresh has been turned off. To turn the home screen refresh on, go to tools - options - system - user interface - Refresh home screen every. The refresh rate can be modified from "never" to up to 20 minutes.

Please note that this is a non-public program update. If other users in the office would like to get this update, they need to download and run the file from the above link.

When you run the update on your computer, no need to get other users out of ProTracker as this update only makes changes to your program file. This update will not trigger an update prompt for other users.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support: support@protracker.com


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