Can't run Database Backup or Maintenance when AutoSync is installed

Can't run Database Backup or Maintenance when AutoSync is installed

Beginning with the 09/15/2015 program update, a new AutoSync feature is included with the program. The autosync.mde is located in the same installation folder as the ProTracker advantage files and it will run in the system tray found on the bottom taskbar the far right. The AutoSync file maintains a connection to the database at all times unless turned off and this can cause a conflict during the backup process.


Problem: During the database backup process, a message may appear that states that the database may be in use.



Solution: On each workstation ProTracker Advantage and AutoSync must be closed.

To close out of AutoSync, go to the system tray in the bottom far right, locate the AutoSync icon, right-click, choose exit program.


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