DE Security Warning: A potential security concern has been identified

Security Warning: A potential security concern has been identified

View the attached document for detailed instructions. 

When Advantage opens, some users may get the following message: "A potential security concern has been identified".  Clicking open allows the program to open as normal. This may occur on a computer where

  • someone installed the program, but someone else is logged in and trying to use it
  •  the MS Access runtime file has recently been updated
  •  the program file is not located in a trusted location.  

Adding ProTracker Advantage to a "trusted location" on the computer will resolve this problem. 




Attached are 5 registry files. Please determine what version of MSAccess you are using to open ProTracker Advantage, then choose the appropriate file to run. Right-click on ProTracker shortcut, properties> shortcut > Target. Look for the Microsoft Office folder in the path for MSAccess.exe.

Note: It may be necessary to scroll far to the left to see this information.



To run the registry file: 

1. Download/Save to your computer.

2. Right-click, Extract All or Unzip.

3. Double-click to run the reg file. 

4. Say YES to " Adding information can unintentionally change . .    Do you want to continue? 

5. You should get a message that the reg file has been successfully added to the registry. If not, please be sure the file was extracted before running.

Open or restart ProTracker Advantage and the message should be gone.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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