DE ProTracker AutoSync Training Videos

ProTracker Advantage AutoSync provides automatic synchronization with Outlook for contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and emails.  In turn, you may synchronize Outlook with your smartphone or tablet. That combination puts your ProTracker data in front of you no matter where you may be.

AutoSync includes the following features:

  • Simple rule builders to control how your data is sent back and forth to Outlook
  • Detailed filter options to limit the data sent or received to just what you care about
  • Scheduling capability so that AutoSync runs exactly when you want it to
  • Separate AutoSync module that runs in the background, even when ProTracker Advantage is not running


ProTracker AutoSync Training Videos

We recommend that you set aside time to watch these videos full screen at 1080p (High Definition).  Think about bringing your staff into the conference room to participate in a "Lunch and Learn." 

View this video first to get the big picture

Set up Rules for each feature

Manage Email Addresses


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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