DE What is ProTracker AutoSync?

What is ProTracker Advantage AutoSync?

AutoSync is a new ProTracker Advantage feature that enables automatic synchronization with Outlook including contacts, appointments, email messages, notes and tasks  AutoSync lets you set up rules which govern which items are synced, which direction to send information and how often to send it. You may limit the information sent by the use of filters such as contact type, the members of a particular group, just clients, or items changed since your last sync.

The update will install 5 default rules so you can be syncing in no time at all!



Features include:

  • Easy-to-Use rule editor 
  • User control of all sync options
  • Custom filters including by user, client, item type, or group
  • Detailed sync progress monitoring and logging
  • Identification of new, unmatched email addresses during email archiving
  • Pre-loaded with default rules 
  • Fine control of field mapping for contacts 

 Just set it and forget it!

Once the rules are set up and running, they will continue to keep Advantage and Outlook in sync without you having to do anything. Here are some sample rules:

  • Automatically sync all of your clients’ email messages into ProTracker Advantage, where they will automatically be archived in each client’s email folder.
  • Synchronize all of your meetings from your Advantage calendar into your Outlook calendar and vice versa.
  • Pull into Advantage all of the new contacts that you met at a conference whom you entered in Outlook on your tablet or in your smart phone.  
  • Receive calendar updates from your office while on the road. 
  • Prepare for a series of client visits by sending some or all of your clients’ contact information to Outlook for use on a smart phone or tablet while you are travelling. 

Click here for more information: Getting started with AutoSync.


The following diagram shows the integration that AutoSync provides between ProTracker Advantage and your phone or tablet, using Outlook.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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