DE Getting started with AutoSync


ProTracker Advantage now supports automatic synchronization with Outlook for contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and emails.


After I install it. What do I do next?

Before enabling any rules, we recommend that you watch the videos on this page:

From the Home tab, select the AutoSync tab (4 tabs over to the right) where you will see 5 default rules. These are set to manual sync so nothing will happen until you enable the sync rules. You may also view the rules from File > Archive Outlook Email, or File > Synchronize

From the view below in ProTracker Advantage, use F1 on your keyboard to bring up the related Help articles.


How do I know if the new feature is running?

     Go to Help -> About ProTracker Advantage. Look for AutoSync [Running] in the list or look for the ProTracker Advantage icon in the system tray at the bottom right of monitor. Remember - AutoSync will not start until one of the rules is enabled. Also check out this KB article.


How do I turn on the sync rules?

To edit a rule, double-click to open or right-click, Edit. 

Before you enable the rule, please use F1 to bring up the related Help articles for each tab. There are a lot of options available and we would like you to customize the rule to fit your needs. But - if you are anxious to start syncing, just enable the rule with the default options, then Save and Close. 


How do I know if the rules are Enabled?

In the Sync Rules tab, you'll be able to tell at a glance which rules are enabled and running.

Green = Enabled to run automatically

Yellow = Enabled to be run manually

Red = Not Enabled



OK, I enabled a rule. Now what?

 On the Sync Rules tab, notice the Next run time. Once the process has run, click on the Sync Activity tab where you should see the items that were archived. Once again, use F1 on your keyboard to bring up the related Help article. 



Can I get the AutoSync update from Help > Check for updates

     This is a non-public update and cannot be installed from Help > Check for updates.  Each user must run the update manually using the installer downloaded and saved from the above link.

Can I uninstall AutoSync and go back to previous version? 

     Yes. No need to uninstall. Just replace the program file with the last public release. Download / Save and Run this file:

Does everyone in the office need to run the update? Can some users stay on the old version?

     Other users can choose to stay on the older version, but they will get an update prompt each time they open Advantage. Just say no to the update.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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