Database Maintenance

Advantage comprises two major components:  

  • A program (Advantage.mde) containing all of the screens that you see.  A copy of this program resides on each user's computer.
  • A database (usually called AdvantageData.mdb for users running the Microsoft Access version of Advantage or ProTrackerAdvantage.mdf for users running the Microsoft SQL Server version of Advantage). The database residing on your server and holds all of your client and contact data. There is only one shared database for your firm.

In a solo practice, both the program and the database will reside on the same computer. The maintenance of these two components is different.

Each user may compact and repair the Advantage program at will. It is recommended that you may set your options to have the Advantage program compact and repair each time you exit Advantage by selecting Compact Advantage.mde when exiting the program.  (See the Maintenance section of System Options.)

On the other hand, compacting the Access database requires that all users except one have closed Advantage because there is only one shared database for your firm. SQL Server versions of ProTracker Advantage do not need compacting.

The database should be located on the computer designated as the file server for the company.  This may be an actual file server in a client/server environment, or the tables may be installed on a computer that is designated as the "file server" in a peer-to-peer network.  The "file server" in a peer-to-peer network should be the first computer turned on in the morning, and the last computer turned off in the evening in order to allow continual file access during the day for all users.he orientation of this content area, 

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