The Report Card

During periodic Client meetings, it is helpful to inform the Client what the Firm has been doing for them. Advantage provides a report called Report Card for this purpose.

To prepare a Report Card, open a Contact Profile or Client Profile and click Report Card from the list of available reports. 

Using the Report Card dialog, you can prepare a report with the status and resolution of any Task relating to the client or contact.  A filter in the title bar allows you to limit the items displayed based on their age.  The checkbox at the left is the "Include" checkbox; check all items that you wish to appear on the report card. 

Press the Print Preview button to display the Report Card or the Close button to exit without displaying the report.  

The Report Card sorts the tasks by Category (in the sort order specified in the Task Category Pick List) and within each category, in chronological order according to Due Date.  Open tasks will display the task description.  Closed tasks will display the Task Results and Completed date.  


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