Creating Newsletter Groups

Thinking about starting a newsletter?  First of all, decide whether your firm will use a Static Group or a Dynamic Group for the newsletter lists. Consider whether you send a large quantity of newsletters in broadcast fashion where absolute delivery is not important, or whether your newsletter list should be more targeted (smaller list) and tightly controlled to reduce newsletter distribution costs.

Typical newsletter distribution issues are the following:

  • Some couples each want their own copy of the newsletter and others prefer one copy come to the home addressed to both names.
  • One person wants to receive the newsletter at work because it is business or investment oriented.
  • The other person wants a separate copy to be sent to the home.
  • Some clients do not want to receive the newsletter at all.
  • Attorneys in the same firm each need their own copy of the newsletter.

Although Dynamic Groups may be used, the following Static Group approach is recommended:

  1. Click on Groups, Add a Static Group.
  2. Enter the Group Name Newsletters.
  3. Select a Group Type of Any. This selection will cause the newsletter group to include Contacts (attorneys, accountants, and other professionals) as well as Clients and Employees.  Do not forget that spouses of employees at home are also interested in the newsletter.
  4. Check the Broadcast Group check-box so that the newsletter group may be readily available on the Contact Profile screen (Broadcast Groups panel) and on the Client Profile screen (Firm, Broadcast Groups). This facilitates adding people to the newsletter groups as new Contacts and Clients are added to ProTracker.
  5. Click on Save and Close.
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