Viewing all Tasks

In order to view all tasks originated by anyone, assigned to any Action Person and related to anyone in your Advantage database, follow this procedure:


  1. Click the push pin icon ( TackIcon) on the ProTracker Advantage toolbar to open theTask List.
  2. Click the Remove Filter button.
  3. Select Open if you only want view open tasks.
  4. Click the Related To so the name is highlighted, and press the Backspace key to clear the Related To name and the icon that precedes it. Then press theEnter key. Note that older versions of Advantage did not allow the clearing of this field.

  The Task List may take a few moments to load, since there will probably be thousands of tasks to display.

 When it displays, the Task List may be sorted by clicking the Related To column header or the Due Date header.

 To print the list after it has been sorted as you like, double-click the Task Summary report on the left, or click the List Options button (ArrowButton) to the upper-right of the list and select Print Preview. 

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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