Reminder - Required Minimum Distributions

Have all required Client RMDs been taken?

  • First double check that ALL Retirement Accounts are listed on your RMD list in OperationsRequired Minimum Distributions. If any new tax-deferred accounts that require distributions were added since running the RMD Wizard, then update the account information and rerun the RMD Wizard.
  • Run the RMD Summary report to determine if any Clients have not yet taken their RMDs.
  • Look at the "RMD to Go" column. Contact these Clients to complete their RMD before year-end to avoid significant penalties.

As an advisor, you cannot afford to fail a Client in this important area.

For more information, press F1 from any Advantage screen to open Help.  Search forOverviews on the index tab, and select RMD from the list of overviews.


For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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