Using the WorkFlow Library

The Workflow Library should include common processes that are likely to be repeated. For example, adding a new Client consists of many well-defined tasks that are to be performed by specific employees of your firm.

By combining these tasks into a process in the Workflow Library, each time the Firm adds a new client, the Add a Client Workflow can be assigned to be done to the new client.  To assign this process, select Assign a Workflow from the Tasks toolbar.

  • ·Each task in the Workflow will be automatically assigned to the Employee specified. 
  • ·Each task in the Workflow will be assigned a due date based on the Days Out (into the future) field entered for the task.
  • ·Never forget a task again!

For more information on the Workflow Library, open Advantage Help by pressing F1and search for " Assign a Workflow" on the Index tab.  

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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