The Postal Code Library

Whenever you enter a ZIP code in any Advantage address screen's ZIP code field, the Postal Codes library provides the data which allows Advantage to automatically fill in the city, state, and county.

To access the Postal Codes Library, open the Operations menu, select Libraries, then Postal Codes. Additional search capabilities are available in the Postal Codes library.

  • Enter a ZIP code  to find all cities exactly matching the entered ZIP code.
  • Enter a city to find all cities in the database containing the city you entered. Example: "Hampton" finds Hampton Beach and North Hampton, as well as "Hampton" proper.
  • Enter a 2-character state to find all cities in the selected state.
  • Enter a city and state to find all cities containing the city you entered in the state you entered.

For more information on using the Postal Codes library, press F1 from the Postal Codes Library screen, or search for Postal or ZIP Codes on Help's Index tab.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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