Suppression and Termination

Suppression is a practice management tool to hide Contacts, Clients and Groups.  Once suppressed, the item will no longer appear on the related Contact, Client or Group List. 

Termination is a regulatory term that means the Firm is no longer advising a Client and is unlikely to do so in the future. Only Clients can be terminated.

A Client should be terminated before being suppressed. This ensures that the Client is not lost for regulatory purposes. Both termination and suppression are executed from the Client Profile Firm tab, Termination sub-tab.  Use Terminate this Client in the left-frame Assistant area.  You can determine what to do with the Client's existing accounts, groups to which the Client belongs, open appointments, notes and tasks. 

Regulators will ask for a report of terminated Clients, which is available from the Regulatory Menu, so terminated clients should not be deleted.

If you simply need to suppress a duplicate Client record, you may do so without first terminating it by right-clicking the Client on the Client List and selecting Suppress.

Although suppressed Clients are not visible on Client lists, they may still be viewed by users with Advantage Administrator privileges. Open the Operations Menu, select Database Administration, and then the Suppressed Items sub-tab. Double-click an item on the list of suppressed items to view its profile.

To unsuppress a Client, check the box to its left and select Unsuppress Checked Items from the Assistant area to recover the Client. To permanently delete a Client, check the box to its left and select Delete Checked Items. Permanantley deleted Client records are removed from your database.Do NOT delete Clients that should appear on the report of terminated Clients.

For more information on suppression and deletion of Clients, as well as suppression of Contacts and Groups, press F1 to open Help.  Search for keyword Suppression and select Overview of Suppression and Termination from the available topics.

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