Updating Net Worth

Advantage’s Net Worth History is useful for showing your clients their progress toward their goals. Of course, to be useful, you must have first recorded Net Worth values over a period of time.

By periodically taking a net worth snapshot, you will build the client's Net Worth History for use in producing the Net Worth Graph and Net Worth History reports found in the Reports area on the Client Profile.

You may update each client individually from their profile screen or you may wish to update all client records at once.

  • To update a single client's net worth history, go to the Client Profile screen. In the Net Worth History section at right, either right-click and select Add, or click the"+" button.
  • To update all of your clients' net worth history at once, open the Operationsmenu and select Net Worth Update to open the Post Net Worth History dialog.

Running the Net  Worth Update quarterly is recommended.

Note: The Net Worth Snapshot is the sum of all of a Client's account values on a given day. Make sure your account values are up-to-date before you take the snapshot. 


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