Required Minimum Distributions

The Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) tab, found under the Operations menu under Accounts, includes RMD totals and details for all Clients.  It is updated each time the RMD Wizard is used to globally calculate RMD.

To view the Required Minimum Distribution information for all eligible Clients, open the Operations menu, select Accounts and select Required Minimum Distributions.

RMD Summary Tab

Select the records for the year that you wish to see. 

The Required Minimum Distribution Summary tab lists each Client that must take an RMD that matches the year selected in the title bar.  For each client listed, the Total RMD amount that must be distributed from all eligible accounts for that client, the total distribution actually taken (Actual Taken), and the amount of RMD To Go before year-end are listed.

RMD by Account Tab

Use the Filter to select the records you wish to see. You may select the OfficeFirm ContactDistribution Year and Account Types to display.

For each account eligible for RMD withdrawals that matches the filter, the Account TypeCustodianAccount #, the amount of the RMD (from) this Account, and the Withdrawals (Actual Taken) are displayed.  

Need more information about Required Minimum Distributions?  In Advantage, go to Help > ProTracker Advantage Help.  Type RMD in the box under the Index tab on the left.  Select the article "An RMD Overview."

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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