Renaming Acquired Companies

You can globally replace an acquired company with a successor company across all client accounts with just a few keystrokes.

For Example: if Company A acquires Company B:

  1. Select Pick Lists from the Operations menu.  
  2. In the Category filter in the upper-right corner, select All.  
  3. In the Pick List column, double-click Financial Institutions
  4. Make sure Company A is already on the list. If it is not, add it in the blank record at the end of the list.
  5. Locate the Company B record and right-click on the gray square in the left-most column. 
  6. Select Delete Record.   

If there are accounts where Company B is assigned as the institution, you will be informed of how many accounts and asked if you want to select a replacement institution. Select Company A.  

  1. Select Institutions from the Operations Menu and select Financial Institutions as the filter in the title bar. 
  2. Right-click the record for Company B and select Delete

The old institution will be replaced with the new institution in all accounts where the old institution was selected and the old institution's name will be removed from the database.


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