Ron RMD Wizard will not run; 12/29/2017 import date


RMD wizard requires 12/31/2017 dates to run but import was done with 12/29/2017 dates


Below is a script that will change the 'As of' date of your 12/29/2017 import to 12/31/2017 so you can run the RMD wizard.

Here's how run the script.

1. Save the attached file to your Desktop.
2. Unzip or extract the file.
3. Open ProTracker Advantage.
4. Select Tools > Run Script from the menu.
5. Browse to the sql file on your Desktop and click Open.
6. Click OK when the script completes.

Please note that if a user has an account detail record open when the script is run, the record's 'As of' date may not get updated. To verify that all dates have been updated, go to Operations > Accounts > All Accounts list. Sort by 'As of' date. If any 12/29/2017 dates remain, rerun the script. If the 'As of' column is not available, use 'Select columns' to add it to the list.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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