Ron Blank Login list after 7.0 update

Please run the steps below to install the update and get the correct Login window with your name in the drop-down list.

1. Download/Save and Run this file but do not open ProTracker Advantage yet.
2. Go to C:\Program Files(x86)\ProTracker Advantage\Data.

3. In the \Data folder, delete the SampleAdvantageData.mdb and rename the AdvantageData.mdb to AdvantageDataOLD.mdb. The reason for renaming is a precaution in case that is your active database file.

4. Open ProTracker Advantage and you should get a browse window to locate your database. Browse to your database file usually named AdvantageData.mdb. Select the correct file, then open.

5. When ProTracker Advantage opens you should get a a login window with your name in the Login list. No password is required and ignore the spinning wheel if it lingers.

6. You will get prompted for 2 setup options. See this link:

See this Help article to see what's new in this version:'s_New.html?ms=AhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFA&st=MA%3D%3D&sct=MA%3D%3D&mw=MzAw

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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