ProTracker Advantage 7.0 Release notes 2017-11-01

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Change log (Copy/paste into Excel for easier viewing.)

Area Change
Accounts Account selector updated
Activities Column preferences would not save on Client Activities tab
Activities Updated new activity behavior to include alternate assigned to / related to
Beneficiaries Updated beneficiary export
Beneficiaries Updated beneficiary list on beneficiary edit dialog
Billing Added better default filters
Calendar Improved bookmark behavior when navigating between calendar tabs
Calendar Removed duplicate appointments on Week and Month calendars per attendee
Calendar Fixed attendee tooltip to show correct number of attendees
Calendar Performance improvements
Calendar Some recurring items would not display on new calendar
Calendar Improved refresh when moving or deleting existing appointments
Calendar Added scroll bars if time selection exceeds window height
Calendar Removed apparent duplicate appointments
Calendar Removed restrictions on deleting attendees
Calendar Changes to calendar preferences refresh the active calendar
Calls Set default appointment type to Call
Clients Updated address order to match primary order of contacts in Client Profile report
Clients Added Firm Contact to Client Analysis tabs
Contracts Contract report no longer requires primary clients
Database General performance improvements
Database Connection details masked in support logs
Database Improved schema checking during updates
Database Updated Database cleanup tools
Documents Improved support for selecting folders outside the document store set under application preferences
Documents Document Explorer was losing current Related To info during navigation
Email Archiving Improved contact matching algorithm where email addresses are very similar
Email Archiving Fixed concatenation issue in constructing email paths
Estate Some wills were missing from Estate Batch Print report
Groups Fixed Create a Group option from some Assistant options
Groups Fixed contact removal from groups
Groups Removed default group member
Home Updated date formats
Home When adding new activities, assigned to current user by default
Home Updated date formats on Home tab
Interfaces Improved generic billing import for better field recognition and invoice number fields
Interfaces If user has duplicate account numbers, both records will be updated during import
Listviews Columns used in Preview Mode can be removed
Listviews Added a global option for setting listview preferences under Tools > Options > System
Listviews Restored ability to bulk delete items
Menu Updated function mapping
Net Worth Improved X Axis scale
Net Worth Graph shows custom date selections along axis
Net Worth Improved performance of net worth tabs and graphs
Net Worth Axis labels missing issue fixed
Net Worth Added support for running net worth reports for a group
Performance Reports Fixed performance report filtering
Registration Added grace period for licenses that are pending renewal
Reminders Performance improvements
Reports Improved handling of user filters especially if invalid data is selected
Reports Custom Note report filtering improved for open vs closed notes
Reviews Imcreased size of text fields
Reviews Creating reviews form tasks created two windows
RMD Fixed account selection dialog
Search Cursor improvements
Social Security Added claiming benefits report
Spell Check Various spell check improvements for newer versions of Office
Sync Improved startup and shut down of AutoSync, faster, fewer dialogs
Sync Improved assignment of unmatched emails to contacts
Sync Updated sync to allow for very long Outlook Item IDs
Task Library Default sort alphabetically
Tasks Added better default filters for tasks
Tasks Resolved issue where blank or incorrect tasks could appear while editing items in Action Lists
Taxes Fixed bug that prevented some tax records from appearing on Client Profile Summary report
Theme Prevented theme from reverting to defaults if theme goes out of context
Theme Fixed theme/font reversion bug when a user updates their theme preferences
Theme Fixed issue where theme changes would sometimes not save
Theme Added form scaling option for unusual monitor settings
Theme General theme improvements
User Interface Restored Current Related To filter
User Interface Improved Back button
User Interface Right-click context menus updated
User Interface No login prompt on Quit when report loaded
User Interface Improved form scaling for various and unusual monitor settings
User Interface Added an option hide create/edit dates
User Interface Added global display settings option under Tools>Options>System
User Interface Improved display resolution under Remote Desktop and Terminal Server
User Interface Performance improvements related to list view loading
User Interface General improvements to repvent crashing behavior under various versions of Access
User Interface Performance improvements realted to user preferences checks at startup
Users Fixed issue where list of available logins could be blank
Users Fixed Appointment permissions related to deletion
Users Resolved issue where login dialog had no users in the list
Word Merge Updated add or edit template feature for new versions of Word
Workflows Assigning workflow uses current related to
Workflows Fixed bug that was preventing new workflows from being assigned
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