Ron Upgrading to ProTracker Advantage 7.0

ProTracker Advantage version 7.0 is now available. The process is similar to previous updates but you will be prompted with 2 new screens before the program opens so this article will guide you through the process.

**We recommend that all users attached to a database upgrade to 7.0 at the same time to prevent version conflicts.

Highlights of the new features are listed here: New 7.0 features

  1. Backup your database or confirm the database is getting backed up nightly.
  2. Close ProTracker Advantage and AutoSync (right-click PT icon in system tray, exit application).
  3. Download/save/run the following:
  4. Launch ProTracker Advantage from the installer or the desktop shortcut.
  5. You will get prompted to select your default home screen and color scheme. These settings can be changed later under Tools > Options. As a new feature we are offering a choice of calendars that can be used as the home screen. Or choose the classic home screen to view appointments and tasks.
  6. options.png
  7. Next you'll get the login window. Choose your username from the login list.


The 1st time the program loads after the update is run, you will get directed to the "What's new in 7.0" page in the new online ProTracker Advantage Help. Please read through this so that you do not miss any of the new features.

If you notice a new feature, simply use F1 on the keyboard to open the related online help article. The online ProTracker Advantage Help has been completely revised to reflect all the new changes in the program. 


Q: Can I go back to the previous (6.0) version after taking the update?

A: Yes, you can simply reinstall the previous version and run a script. Please contact support.

  1. Download/Save/Run the following:
  2. Download the following backward compatibility script:  
  3. Here's how run the script.

    1. Download file to your Desktop.
    2. Unzip or extract the file.
    3. Open ProTracker Advantage.
    4. Select Tools > Run Script from the menu.
    5. Browse to the sql file on your Desktop and click Open.
    6. Click OK when the script completes



For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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