DE Password protection and User Permissions

Each time ProTracker Advantage opens, the user is presented with a login prompt. The default password is blank.



To add a password or to change user options or permissions, go to Operations > Users



Change/Add Password

To add a new password, enter the password in both password fields and save the record.



The User Type has 2 options. Note: To change this option, delete the user record and create a new user.

  • Administrator
  • Standard user 

DB admin menu

Select either yes or no to allow the user to make changes to the operations – database admin



User permissions is a new feature that will allow certain parts of ProTracker advantage to be restricted or hidden from some users. For example, a summer intern may not need access to client account information.


There are 6 levels of permissions.

  • Full access
  • view only
  • view/edit
  • view/add/edit
  • view/edit/delete
  • no access


Users whose access has been prevented will get a message “access denied” when trying to make a change in a restricted area.

For more help, email ProTracker Customer Support:


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